How to Avoid the Workplace Harassment

Details one: keen to show through a variety of festive

Many men like to take advantage of festive to show his good to the opposite sex, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and so on. They will be hard to write down the birthday girl and grab the girl’s vanity psychological, match up, use a warm festive atmosphere to create a variety of girl’s eyebrows to make small items. However, this guy is really ulterior motives. Its ultimate aim is to cheat the goodwill of the girls and play with the feelings of the girls.


Details two: like asking girls phone number and other personal privacy

Lust of the heart, everyone has it. However, if you lust over, it will cause problems. Men especially like to inquire about some colored girl’s phone number, QQ number and personal information, and then wait for opportunity to harassment. In fact, the best dealing method is to ignore. If the girls reacted too strongly, it will stimulate male’s conquest. If your mobile phone number was accidentally known by the lady-killer, in order to be free from harassment, the best way is to quickly change numbers.


Details three: love to tangle to heterosexual in traveling

Many lady-killers like to use business trip or timing of K songs to tangle with accompanying heterosexual. They may not dare to expose a large crowd under their own malicious, but if once chance to be alone and heterosexual, they pervert the heart of it exposed. So, the girls must be careful not alone with strange men dating, not easily travel alone with male colleagues. At any time, you should pay attention to those males.


Details four: like peeping sneaky and always guilty conscience

If a man’s vision is a peeping state when he saw a girl, or doing things is not aboveboard, then such men women should be treated with caution. Female had better not to close such kind of males. Because of most of them are mentally ill or a variety of tangled crazy dark and a guilty look. Once they get the opportunity, they will fully expose its ugly side. This built on the sufferings of the happiness of others is the most people speechless. The only way is to stay away from these men. Do not give any chance to be alone.

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