How Should the Elderly Choose Their Own Milk

In old age, as age increases, its physiological function has a significant change, especially the elderly physical decline, and immune function reduces, as well as the absorption capacity of various nutrients decreases. This easily causes diseases such as bone calcium loss leading to osteoporosis, nutritional deficiencies, so the elderly need to pay attention to coordination in nutrition.


In the elderly population, the pros and cons of the product quality of the middle-aged milk will directly affect human health and may even be harmful to some of the elderly. Therefore, the product of the indicators must comply with the requirements of the formula. These products are currently no uniform national or industry standards, and are by enterprises to formulate their own corporate standards, so the product quality has disparities.


Therefore, when consumers purchase such products, they should note the following: first, labeling a packaging should be complete. Name and address, date of manufacture, shelf life, the implementation of standards, trademarks, net contents, list of ingredients, nutrition facts and methods of food items should be marked on the packaging.


Second, nutrients indicated in the table should be complete, and the content should be reasonable. In generally, nutrition facts should be indicated calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients; vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, some B vitamins; trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, or also to indicate other added nutrients.


Third, you can choose the well-known enterprises with the larger, better product quality and service quality products. Due to the strong large-scale production enterprise technology, ad product formulation is more scientific and rational, as well as it is more stringent on quality control of raw materials, and with advanced production equipment, a high level of enterprise management, so product quality has also been ensured.


Fourth, according to your own conditions and needs, you should choose the right product. Consumers choose products based on their physical condition and needs to select products, general the person is fat or with high cholesterol and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease can choose high-protein, low-fat products and other consumers should be able to adhere to their own needs to choose high-protein, low-fat products, or high-protein, high-fat products.


Although middle-aged milk powder is a special nutritional food with high nutritional value and certain health care functions, consumers should be careful to choose and eat. If you eat the milk that is not suitable for you, you will get the opposite effect.


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