How Much Do You Know about Champagne

Strictly speaking, champagne could be divided into four categories: pink champagne brewed by red grapes, white grape champagne brewed by Chardonnay, red grape champagne brewed by Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier and the champagne made by the grapes of the same year.

Many people think that the slender glass is the only choice to drink champagne, but it is not correct. People need to choose the right glass according to the taste. There are two kinds of champagne glasses: one is the flute-shaped glass, which is also called champagne flutes, and it is suitable to drink young champagne because it is full of vitality and could have a great stimulus to the buds through the narrow mouth of glass; the other is the tulip cup, also known as Bordeaux cup, and it is suitable for drinking crusted champagne. Drinking with wide mouth cup allows full access to wine and buds, which is also conducive to tasting.

Champagne could not only be drunk as the aperitif, but also be matched with different kinds of dishes and desserts. The most suitable foods are iodine-rich foods such as caviar, oysters and sea urchins. In addition, the champagne is more suitable than red wine to eat with cheese, and you can also drink it with smoked ham and other meat.

The best place to store champagne is professional wine cabinet. If you have no wine cabinet in your house, you can choose to store in the basement, garage and wardrobe. The following tips should be noticed: the general temperature of storage should be no higher than 15 ℃ and the storage temperature should be constant; in order to prevent the early-maturing of wine by ultraviolet light, be sure to store champagne in a dark environment; the place to store champagne should not be too dry to avoid the water evaporation and affect taste.

The best drinking temperature of champagne is 10 ℃ to 12 ℃, so it is better to put champagne in ice bucket for 20 minutes or in the fridge for 3 hours. Pour it to the one second or two thirds place of the glass. Gently shake the glass to let the wine contact air fully, so that the aroma comes out completely. When the bubble in the glass settles down, you can smell the aroma in the glass. When you sip the champagne, do not swallow it immediately. Use your tongue to stir in your mouth and taste the flavor of champagne.

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