How Does Television Audience Rating Work

In the U.S., the mere mention of the television ratings, people will immediately think of “Nelson”, Nielsen Media Research has actually become the national measurement services department of the television industry in the United States and Canada. Nielsen Company is responsible for statistics on the number of people watching television programs, and supply data available to the television and cable networks, advertisers and media.


The Nielsen Company takes a called statistical sampling technique to assess the ratings of the program, and pollster using the same techniques to predict the election results. The Nielsen Company selects the scope of the “sample audience”, and then calculates the number of people to watch the various programs within this range. Then, it will be inferred based on the sample, and then estimated the number of all of the mouth of the audience to watch the program. This process is very simple to explain, but very complex to implement, the scope is very broad. Nelson companies rely heavily on the pre-installed TV measuring instrument collected information, and combine information and great programs database played on broadcast television stations and cable channels.


In order to understand who is watching television and what television programs they watch, the company gets the approval of the approximately 5,000 households, as part of a representative sample of assessment to conduct the national television ratings. The Nielsen Company statistics show that U.S. $ 99 million households have TV sets, while the range of its samples taken is not too much. The key to this is to ensure the representativeness of the sample. Then, use a variety of methods to measure the number of television, families, programs, and the people.


In order to identify which television programs are the audience are watching, and the meter installed in the sample households will track the time they turn on the TV and transferred to the channel. The “black box” is just a band modulation coordinator computer, every night to collect this information and send them to the company’s central computer. Then, through monitoring TV content at a specified time, the company will be able to grasp how many people are watching what programs.


Participants of national sample of the Nielsen Company are at random, and every American family has the opportunity to become a part of the sample. At the same time, the company will compare the sample with a total population, from time to time to visit the thousands of families to see if they open the TV and what people are watching TV.


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