How Can We Properly Make Use of Perfume

Using perfume should be different choices with the different seasons. In the winter, the perfume with strong flavor will make people agreeable; but in the hot summer, due to the perfume contains volatile oil, and with high summer temperatures, a large number of volatile oil volatile, which will make people feel irritation and discomfort, and therefore, in the summer, we should select elegant scent of perfume. If the temperature is too high, you had better not use the perfume.


Moreover, perfume also differs with different age. For girls and young women, the perfume with potpourri is more appropriate; but for the middle-aged women, the perfume with fragrance is more suitable. Furthermore, the perfume can be sprayed on clothing or hair, but do not spray directly on the skin, or the smell of the perfume will be changed. For any perfume, it only gives out pleasant aroma on clean hair or clothes; if your body has sweat, sweat and perfume mixed together will produce odor, making people unpleasant.


Furthermore, perfume, cologne or eau de toilette will not damage the fiber of clothes because of not high content of essential oils, so they can be sprayed and used freely. For example, they can be used at the pulse, inside the clothes or on the hair and in the air. However, there is quite good effect to spray perfume at the high temperature site. Basically, the temperature inside the body is higher than the temperature outside the body; in addition, the aroma rises, so using the perfume in the lower body will obtain more ideal effect than being applied on the upper body.


However, we had better not spray the perfume at the place expose to the sun, because alcohol exposure to the sun will leave spots on the skin; in addition, ultraviolet rays also lead to the organic ingredients in the perfume generate a chemical reaction, causing skin allergies. Well, the perfume can be sprayed in the clean hair. If there is dirt or grease on the hair, it will make perfume go bad. At the same time, we cannot spray perfume on the dry and fragile hair, to avoid hair damage. In addition, spices in the perfume are organic ingredients, which are easy to make the gold or silver fade; therefore, the perfume cannot be sprayed directly on the jewelry, so you can first spray the perfume and then wear the jewelry. Besides, we should not spray the perfume on the fur, which not only damages the fur, but also changes the color.


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