How Can We Make Full Use of White Vinegar in Life

Many people do not know that the white vinegar not only can be edible, it also has cleaning effect, and it praised as a cleaner. White vinegar is cheap, in addition to cleaning; it also has bactericidal and antifungal effect. according to the survey, the efficacy of white vinegar to kill bacteria is up to 99%; and the effect to kill mild is up to 82%; as well as the effect of killing germs is up to 80%. Below, healthy experts introduce us several magical effects of white vinegar.


First of all, white vinegar can also clear the smell on the cutting board cleverly. After being used for a certain period of time, the cutting board will be a smell. However, if we spray the white vinegar evenly on the cutting board, after about 30 minutes, we can rinse it with water, which not only can clear the odor, and can also play a bactericidal effect. Second, we can use the white vinegar to clean the odor in the toilet. After each cleaning the toilet, it is best to use white vinegar to spray inside the toilet; a few hours later, you can use clean water to rinse it. To take such action, both can remove the odor, but also can play the efficacy of sterilization.


Third, we can use white vinegar to scrub glass, to make it transparent and shiny. If you use cleansers to scrub the glass, you will know that after doing it, it will often leave some traces of white mist, looks not translucent. However, if you mix white vinegar with soapy water to clean the window, the glass will become bright and new. Well, the scientific method of operation is blending one fourth of white vinegar with one second of tablespoon of detergent or soap water, and put them in a spray bottle to spray on the galas to smear.


Fourth, we can use white vinegar to clean wood supplies. If we create in the process of wiping wood furniture, use white vinegar plus water to wipe the furniture, in this way, the furniture will not only be bright as new, but also can get rid of the bacteria and detergent taste. Moreover, if we use white vinegar to clean the furniture, it will reduce the use of detergent, because all kind of detergents contains some chemicals more or less, in this way, we can reduce the chemical pollution to the air and furniture. So, to use white vinegar to wipe wood furniture is a good idea.


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