How Can We Make Full Use of the Expired Beer


When it comes to the holiday, some families will be the case: they will buy plenty of beers at home. But there will be a lot left after the holiday, and the left beers will expire later. However, the expired beer has a lot of benefits.


First, the expired beer has the best hairdressing effect. There is the high content of barley and hops in the beer, and if you wash your hair with an expired beer, it not only allows the hair to become smooth and shiny, as well as anti-dandruff efficacy. Before using the expired beer, you are best to wash your hair with shampoo, after then use warm water to add water to soak hair or rinse hair. Second, expired beer has the better effect of cleaning silk clothing. If you use expired beer to clean silk clothing, it not only makes clothing become smooth and beautiful, but also make it like new clothes. The cleaning method is to pour the beer into the pot filled with cold water, and then put the silk clothes into it to soak, after 15 minutes, you can rinse and dry it.


Third, expired beer can add color to the clothing. When you wash dark color clothing, you can put the clean clothes to soak in the cold water, and then add some expired beer. The result of this is to make the clothes become more flexible, and more fresh color. In addition, just bought new clothes will not fade after being soaked in the expired beer. Fourth, expired beer can make the glass cleaner. Beer contains a certain amount of alcohol content, and beer is colloidal solution. So using beer to wipe glass can make the glass more transparent and light. Fifth, expired beer can be used to wipe the plant. When the home-grown flowers have dust, you can use a soft cloth moistened expired beer to gently wipe it. This not only makes the flowers become glossy and shiny, but also indirectly applies the fertilizer to the flowers.


Sixth, the expired beer also can water the flowers. The beer is slightly acidic. To use it to water the flowers can adjust the soil PH. In particular, it can let the flowers which likes acids grow strongly. The method is to directly use a small amount of beer to pour into the flowerpot soil. Seventh, expired beer can make flower fresh. The general retention period of flowers is very short. If you use expired beer to make flowers fresh, it will be able to extend the retention period, because there is relatively high content of ethanol and sugar and other nutrients in the beer.


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