How Can We Choose Clothing Colors for Different Objects

In the aspects of making up or beautifying the body, the color often shows amazing effect. Because on the visual effects, the color with higher lightness will more make people feel inflation and bumps. On the contrary, the color with lower lightness will let people more feel contraction and recessed.


So to take advantage of this character of color, the high or fat people can choose dark or cold color to be the main theme of the clothing; but thin and small people can wear the clothes with high lightness; and the slim as well as not white people can choose soft intermediate color for the main colors of the clothing, adding to the bright color decorations as an embellishment; for the people with upheaval abdomen, they can choose the cloth with irregular pattern of dark colors or fine patterns, with low neckline styles or white, light-colored lapel, or matching with exquisite and eye-catching color decorations in front of the chest, so that this becomes the visual center of the view to disperse the attention of others on the uplift of the abdomen; moreover, fat people can wear suits, and they can wear intermediate colors’ tops with deep dark bottoms, by color contrast to avoid weaknesses; for the people with stocky figure, they cannot wear clothes with strong color contrast, and they should try to use monochrome, or harmonic color with little brightness contrast or the same pattern cloth to do a full set of clothing, so that improve the image; moreover, for the people with small chest but larger hip, they are available to choose light-color tops with deep dark bottoms, resulting in the sense of chest expansion and narrow hip, so that make people feel shapely.


At the same time, color in fashion design reflecting the people’s age, personality, consumer psychology is different. And the reflection of differences in the age psychologically is very large. For example, young people requiring of color is bright, lively, strong contrast, in order to adapt them to the kind of simple, intuitive, and lively psychological requirements. The color requirement of middle-aged people is compelling, and it should be soft and subtle, distinctive and not tacky, elegant and generous, which is a subjective sensible color. However, the elderly requires the color should be steady, subtle, beautiful, and elegant. When we consider the color of the clothing, we should do specific analysis for different wearing object, to achieve color personality and human personality. Meanwhile, the colors being used properly can make the mental outlook of people healthier.


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