January 31, 2023

how Babbel helps you overcome the main obstacles

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how Babbel helps you overcome the main obstacles

how Babbel helps you overcome the main obstacles

Human beings have been learning languages ​​since the dawn of time. If certain basics of language learning have not changed (retaining vocabulary, understanding grammar, practicing orally), knowing how to learn has evolved over time. Thanks to advancements in technology, Babbel has overcome the biggest barriers to language learning so you can speak (almost) seamlessly.

However, you may encounter these obstacles and doubt whether you will be able to get started. Don’t get me wrong: we’re not telling you that learning a language is an easy task either! On the other hand, most of your fears and reluctance about learning a new language are unfounded.

Here’s how the Babbel app decided to take care of the problems you frequently encounter.

1. Problem: “Learning a language takes too long”

By following our lessons daily, which last 10 to 15 minutes, you will assimilate enough information after three weeks to be able to converse with other people. Babbel’s effectiveness is scientifically proven . A study conducted by the University of the City of New York on Babbel’s Spanish lessons concluded that after 15 hours of using Babbel over two months, you will have the equivalent of the level required for complete a full semester of Spanish at university .

2. Problem: “Grammar is boring and complicated”

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to learning is having a hard time staying motivated. If you don’t have very concrete reasons to learn the language, it’s easy to lose your enthusiasm. And our ideal culprit is often  grammar .

In the past, more boring methods than each other were used to teach languages: syntactic diagrams and conjugation tables. So many methods likely to deprive you of any inclination to learn. To solve this problem, Babbel approaches grammar in the most natural way possible by placing it in useful contexts . That doesn’t mean it will go through the door, but our lessons are designed to make learning grammar as clear as possible for you.

3. Problem: “Language apps don’t teach me anything useful”

Some programs begin by teaching you information that is, to be honest, not that useful. You’ll learn mindless phrases that you’ll never be able to use in real-life conversation. It can be frustrating if what you really want is to really speak the language.

From the first lesson, Babbel teaches you vocabulary and turns of phrase that are practical and useful in everyday life . You will learn phrases that will be easy to use, for example to introduce yourself or ask for directions. What if you don’t want to start from the beginning? You have the possibility to choose your lessons according to the theme you wish to address. You can thus directly learn the jargon of the world of work in German or the vocabulary necessary for a good holiday in Sweden.

4. Problem: “I have trouble with the pronunciation”

When learning a language, pronunciation can be a challenge. It’s for this reason that all  the recordings you listen to through Babbel are made by native speakers , so you can hear exactly how the different words you are learning should be pronounced. The lessons also include many tips for articulating the most confusing words.

Do you need to check that you have entered everything correctly? Babbel uses voice recognition technology to help you self-correct. Your pronunciation will improve dramatically in no time!

5. Problem: “I just forget what I learned”

As you progress through the more advanced lessons, you are bound to forget some of the information contained in the earlier lessons. Of course, you could redo all the first lessons, but that might be a little daunting. That’s why we have provided you with a review tool that allows you to refresh your memory by making you repeat the elements you have studied so far.

And don’t be scared off by the repetitive aspect! Babbel’s review tool calculates which items give you the most and least difficulty . That way, you won’t find yourself having to learn how to say “hello” every time.

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