Housework Will Damage Your Eyes


The eyes are one of the most important sensory organs. There about half of the knowledge and memories are captured through the eyes in the brain. Therefore, eye protection is particularly important. However, in daily life, people only pay attention to the ultraviolet light, late at night and other factors on the eye injury, but do not actually know that some housework greater damage to the eyes. Recently, the united States, “Health Day” website remind that housework will also damage the eyes.


The report quoted 2008 U.S. eye injury report a survey showed that 45% of eye damage are from everyday family life. The American Association of Ophthalmology on 801 U.S. adults conducted survey showed that 3/4 of all eye injuries occur when people are doing housework. Among them, a man named Thomas was poke in the eyes when he was pruning flowers home, and cause eye hemorrhage and appear a temporary blindness.


American Association of Ophthalmology pointed out that the most common household eye injuries include the following categories:


Finishing plants

When you are pruning flowers with scissors, shovels and other tools, flying grass clippings are likely to damage the eyes. Therefore, whether people who are using the tools or the people are around them, they should pay attention to.


Home repairs

More and more people are keen to make their own stuff. It would be a good thing, but it is unsafe to use power tools will raise risks which are worth to pay attention. In using process, drills and other tools will be thrown flying debris, once they are into the eyes, they not only will hurt the eye, carried by bacteria also causes inflammation of the eye infection.



When you are cooking and boiling water, superheated steam will stimulate the eye, while the fragile skin around the eyes, which are easier to heat burns. When you are cutting onions, garlic and other spicy foods, they will make you cry.  Over time past, it will also affect vision. Therefore, when you are cutting onions and garlic, at the same time, you can open the hood. Or when you are doing the housework, you can wear a pair of glasses, which can avoid these three injuries.


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