Home Builders In Plano Sold On Concrete Coating

Can you think of a way to make those indoor/outdoor parts of your home cooler and more attractive? Concrete coating can make many areas of your home more stylish and comfortable. Having learned more about it, Plano, Texas home builders have discovered that concrete coating has many benefits.

The 71st most populated city in the United States, Plano, Texas, can be bound in Collin County. Though it is often overshadowed by Dallas, the most well-known city in Texas is home to many major international, companies, like Ericsson, Siemens and HP, and has beautiful homes, schools, and being the wealthiest city in the U.S., it is not surprising it is also the 11th best place in the United States to live. Plano can run with the big dogs.

Construction is a growing business in Plano. Concrete has quickly become one of the more popular decorative materials and the industry itself is doing very well. The most beautiful patterns, colors and styles of concrete floors will be what are left of 21st century Plano when future archaeologists dig up the past.

Concrete coating and the use of concrete in general is experiencing steady growth lately in the country primarily for its sturdiness, versatility and inexpensive price. In 2000, there was a notable increase in sale and popularity in the concrete industry, while total world consumption reached 61 million metric tons by the turn of the decade. Architects and builders love using concrete because they can do wonders with its texture, color and pattern.

Concrete coating can make a drab surface into a beautiful artwork. Patios are perfect for rest and relaxation, whether they be alongside a building we own or our home. Concrete can make the dullest areas more like a work of art, so try it around the swimming pool, in the kitchen, or on the patio, just to name a few!

Concrete surfaces like your patio, when altered by acid etch stains, concrete etchings, admixtures, polymer stains, chemical stains, and overlays, which all qualify as “coatings”, can be unique artwork! Only some coatings are completed with paint or surface overlays. Some acrylic resins penetrate deep down into concrete, colorizing the material within, not just on the surface, like paint does on canvas.

Cosmetic benefits are but one way coatings work; they add protection and strength to concrete as well. Concrete coatings bridge the porous surface so that water cannot penetrate. Today, modern materials used for coating are highly permeable, allowing the concrete’s moisture to escape and therefore solving the problems of blistering, peeling and other concrete coating failures.

Most constructions do not want chalk concrete in their coatings. A chalking concrete surface is very difficult to coat unless it was first prepared using concrete conditioning products. Chalking is undesirable in concrete surfaces, so many concrete conditioners designed to pass into the concrete are also called coatings.

So it is durable and beautiful, professional builders become familiar with concrete in content and treatment so they can stand by the topcoats they install. The surface of the concrete cannot have any cracks or spalling, must be dry, and clean. The surface must also be somewhat rough so the coating applied will have something to grip.

Plano, Texas is a beautiful city to live in, and that did not come by accident. When visiting for the first time, people will see clear examples of good concrete coating Plano is proud of. No matter what city, what state or what country you live in, you can become just like Plano when it comes to concrete coating.

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