HD surveillance cameras installed Note:In particular need to pay attention to lens optional!

General security monitoring system installed on HD
surveillance cameras and camera installation and commissioning method is basically the same, but will need to pay attention to the matching of a good lens, the quality of the lens or matching is not good, will largely affect the sharpness of the picture, such as infrared night vision camera the best choice of the infrared lens, 1/3 inch CCD is generally equipped with 1/3 inch lens, 1/2 inch CCD is generally equipped with 1/2 inch lens, Install debugging lens focus debugging requirements must be fine, especially the alignment of the ip camera focal plane, a lot of time focusing of the lens is unclear will cause the image of a trance, reach clear.

The protective cover of another camera can not be ignored, the front end of the gun shield glass can not be generally flat glass, and necessary to the adoption of better optical glass, generally flat glass image resolution of a very powerful weaken the role of selection The ball casing should be more aware, spherical curvature necessary for the transition smooth, and best not to put the lens on the edge of the spherical shell, here light refraction, even the severe impact of the image is clear. It is important to Either the casing, the best light as low as possible within the casing, the lens to the casing of the interval as short as possible, so make the front of the Box IP Camera, light pollution reduced to a minimum, progress images clarity.

HD surveillance Security Camera necessary for high-definition,High-definition cameras in addition to front-end installation and selection of materials necessary to pay attention to necessary transmission systems, intermediate systems and end-system used in conjunction in order to achieve clarity, the actual effect.

Transmission of video images for high-definition surveillance camera systems, will generally choose the way of the coaxial cable, twisted pair, UTP cable (network transmission), wireless transmission, cable transmission, either way transmission necessary to make the image from really the entire system bandwidth of each ring then> the front end transmission to 6M, so as to ensure that the image to achieve the requirements of clarity and in line with the requirements of engineering and technical and anti-detection.

High-resolution image is also necessary to rely on good device performance in front of the human visual terminal display, it is the best choice for progressive scan monitor. In actual use interlaced monitor image flicker serious, easily gives rise to visual fatigue. If the clarity of the monitor is the same amounted to less than the overall clarity of the requirements. By the monitor, the video channel bandwidth and the CRT dot pitch due to the monitor ip camera clear away from the decision.

According to statistics, the channel bandwidth and clarity between the translated theory ceiling 1M/80 line about, if we consider the video signal amplitude decline in clarity when to display 400 lines of video images, the supervisor is clearly degree index of thumb should be using the machine more than 600 lines. Order to make the HD ip camera system can be used normally, the middle of processing equipment, including matrix, DVR, video server, a variety of video encoders, etc. must be content with the bandwidth and image compression in order to make the high clear camera into full play its inherent role. Alone to the neglect of other supporting equipment used is less than the real purpose of high clarity camera.

With the rapid development of the industry, the needs of users, high-definition camera function and parameters will be increasingly high, and the requirements of the security monitoring camera system will be more stringent.

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