HD ip monitoring can not be replaced by HD-SDI

HD-SDI is the first to be used in the field of radio and television, the quality feature is ideal for the needs of the industry, but the field of broadcasting and video surveillance belong to different levels, in the field of radio and television like a duck HD-SDI perhaps in the field of video surveillance There is no such an important position. For the video surveillance industry, the application of the camera to go through four components: video capture, transmission, storage, integrated application. Here we from these aspects to analyze the environment for the survival of the HD-SDI.
Video Capture is the most talked about HD-SDI supporters: “high-definition, real-time, uncompressed, relative to the high-definition IP monitoring has two advantages: the screen without compression, distortion and low latency, frame loss. SDI uncompressed picture really perfect, full screen, colorful. This picture in the field of radio and television popular because of the effect of which is needed by the user, but a pretty picture for the surveillance industry can only be icing on the cake, monitoring the pursuit of realism and clarity, and HD-SDI picture The beauty of some untrue. And the the uncompressed picture looks clear does not mean that high-definition, as analog images rendered image than IP camera on the visual look comfortable on the monitor. However, measured at the same level of quality high-definition camera, 1080P HD IP camera than the HD-SDI higher nearly 80 lines. Low latency, frame loss is certainly the direction of efforts in the surveillance industry, IP camera to achieve real-time SDI standards in today’s video surveillance technically almost can not be achieved, but the security industry will not be abandoned IP HD switched to HD-SDI digital high-definition, the other major manufacturers HD ip camera, network delay is generally less than 400 ms or 300 ms can do. As for the problem of dropped frames, dropped frames phenomenon of very low frequency in the network architecture. For recorded video post-verification is the most important application security monitoring industry, the delay of the monitoring system appears to be negligible.
The simplicity of the transmission mode is one of the selling points of the HD-SDI outreach, it is mainly manifested in: the use of the existing analog system wiring, cost savings and working hours. However, careful analysis of HD-SDI technology and practical application experience of the gimmick composition is relatively high. HD-SDI camera, the maximum transmission distance of up to 100 meters, which is the best in the ideal value of the non-fiber optic transmission media. The attenuation of the coaxial cable is now proportional to the rate of the transmission signal, the greater the attenuation rate increases, and HD-SDI transmission rates of up to 1.485g. The past analog control wiring less than 100 meters will with a 75-5′s line, more than 150 meters will consider 75-7,75-9 cable. In addition, HD-SDI cabling environment selection, construction, there are stringent requirements in the actual construction, such as the installation of the cable with high quality, does not allow half-way connection; connection terminal welding quality, low radiation installation path, which are the complexity of the construction quality of personnel, the cost of construction, installation and maintenance, line traces the design of high demands. Since we can not use existing wiring system it can only be re-cabling, and IP camera, re-wiring the transmission of HD-SDI camera does not take advantage of. The reason is that the HD-SDI demanding welding cables and connectors, in virtually will increase the cost and difficulty of construction. In contrast the cost and production of the network cable is much simpler; Also, if long-distance transmission you need to relay equipment or converted to optical media transmission equipment. IP camera supporting products already quite mature, because these devices are not just for the surveillance industry has long been applied in large IT industry is very mature, you do not need to re-development.
Storage is a very important part of video surveillance applications, HD-SDI camera at a rate up to 1.485g, if stored directly without compression, it is undoubtedly the nightmare of Engineering and users. So the back-end HD-SDI video storage also need to be stored by the compression of the coding, to reach a value of about the same rate with IP HD, this will cause the stored image is not as good as real-time look so perfect, clarity should be discounted. HD ip camera real-time image and store the image is exactly the same, no doubt about the importance of video surveillance industry, basically can not do to rely on to see real-time image prior warning, mostly after the incident alert the user to the current level of science and technology, to verify the video.

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