HCG Diet Doctors can get your clients in shape now!

I have massaged many a person, but the one question that I get asked so often is if I know a way to lose weight fast and easy for them. I have inevitably told them no over and over again. I figured if I was to find one, I could get even more business. It was then that I found the HCG Diet Doctors. I found them and did my homework, finding out everything I could about their diet. The diet started with a Dr. Simeons back in the fifties finding the interesting property of HCG that it was raised significantly more in pregnant women.

In everyone else, it stayed in relatively small amounts. When he observed this, he wanted to find out why it was so. He found out that pregnant women have more of the hormone because it tells their body to burn more fat to support the growing baby. If the women were not to burn more fat, the baby could use vital muscle tissue for food. This led to testing to see if the hormone was only good in women, and when he found that the hormone had no connections to sexual organs or hormones, he developed the book Pounds and Inches, in which he describes how you can lose a pound a day with the help of HCG Weight Loss Doctors.

Today, there is a doctor assigned to you the entire way through the regimen, and it only 42 days long, instead of an arbitrary amount. It has also been discovered that when given more of this hormone, the body also has less need for food. In fact, all you need to eat is about 700 calories a day, so one of the tenets of the diet is to limit yourself to 700 calories of healthy food so you can stay in nutritional balance with the multivitamin and vitamin B12 supplement as well. I went to three of my oldest clients first and suggested it to them. The results were staggering. All three lost over thirty pounds in two months, and all three reported that their own lives had dramatically increased in quality, leading to an absolutely better feeling about themselves and what they were doing. The one with the worst problem actually said that he was just about to start his second regimen, and that even now, he felt like he could do more and do better than he ever had before.

I was amazed to see the changes not only in their faces, but in their bodies. I could feel their muscles get more tone, their bodies get more fit, with each passing day. I definitely will continue to suggest HCG Weight Loss to any and all who ask for a way to lose weight fast that is not only fast and safe, it is amazingly reliable. It is now four months later and twenty of my clients have lost weight using this diet. That is numbers for you.

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