Handmade Envelopes Wrapping Up in Style!

Handmade envelopes have once again come back to popularity and there is host of choices available for the valued customers.

The old charm of envelopes has not diminished one bit!

The sheer rooted to the earth charm and simplicity of putting a letter inside an envelope and sending it off to the intended receiver can only be felt and not described adequately. True. While some bit of change has happened around us because of the increasing use of internet and E-mail as also the possibility of staying connected with friends, relations and business associates, clients and partners, the old world magic of envelopes thankfully has not lost any of its intensity.

Handmade envelopes have been around in India since the day paper began to be used for writing. India has always had a well entrenched practice and tradition of using envelopes not just for sending letters and other business related correspondence, but also for various other purposes. These include sending cheques, drafts, etc, for sending photographs as also sending cash gifts that are called shagun envelopes during weddings , and so on and so forth.

The envelopes are handmade in different sizes that largely adhere to the internationally recognized standards and also with some locally required variations. They are either plain white in colour or also come in very attractive colours. Again, you can be a plain jane or be more generous in our outlook and opt for various patterns or design elements printed in your envelope.

The emergence of greeting cards has meant the advent of a whole lot of handmade envelopes just for packing in your feelings. One does not know as to why exactly this happens, but when it comes to envelopes even the most adventurous and fashionable among us wants to keep it pretty simple and elegant. It is like the more understated it is, the better it would be.

As mentioned, there is a rich and varied choice when it comes to purchasing handmade envelopes in India. With muted colours and graceful motifs adorning the envelopes, you will find most of them simply irresistible. As everywhere, the envelopes are sold in sets of four, five, eight, ten or more pieces. Though, in majority of cases, similarly sized and types of envelopes are found in a set, you can also have an assortment of them with varying colours, sizes and design elements if you so desire.

The Royal Red Handmade envelope is good example of a handmade envelope that is selling like hot cakes here.

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