Handmade Diaries For an Enlightened Lifestyle!

Handmade diaries are a rage these days when being eco-firendly is slowly becoming a required attitude and feeling that should get reflected in the aspects of your life.

Diaries are our personal reflection of life and friends!

Diaries are our eternal friends that keep us in touch with the rest of the world. We jot down friends, relations and colleagues, addresses and phone numbers and also details about their birthdays, anniversaries and other important events in their respective lives. Some of us are also into keeping a more elaborate diary and record most event and incidents in our diary if not all of them. Somehow, the mere feeling of holding a handmade diary is enough for most of us to feel very good about life in general.

The point to be noted here is that handmade diaries are made in such exquisite tastes and styles that they are simply classy and irresistible to say the least. They are made in more than few states in India. Though Bihar and Rajasthan have been over the years contributing more significantly in the production of handmade diaries. The other factor that is worthwhile pointing out here is that not just the cover and the hard exterior that is handmade but even the papers forming the various pages inside the diary are handmade as well.

Handmade diaries are mostly made of lac and handcrafted paper here!

The exterior of the handmade diaries in the case of both Bihar and Rajasthan are made of lac. And there is sufficient embellishment done on the cover with rich and innovative use of beads, mirrors, and sometimes if you really in an expansive mood, even stones. Some of these handcrafted diaries also come with a nice little pen holder as well. The pen holder gives the diary that extra look, feel and completeness about them.

The entire look of the diary when handmade in this fashion changes greatly for the better and you do feel that you are not merely using a diary but also using a product that is making you feel far more socially a responsible person than y ou are actually.

Handmade diaries also form very fine gifts to near and dear friends and relatives. It is the kind of an invaluable gift that they will most certainly cherish and keep for a long, long time to come. While gifting, you can have the name of the person for which the gift is meant to be engraved as well on the front of the diary.

Even though lot of handcraft effort goes into the making of a handmade diary, still it doe s not cost a bomb. Most of these diaries made of lac are available at very affordable prices.

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