Hamilton Seaside Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

I lately moved out of my brother’s home. Moving in to a whole new site, and ultimately settling in, I noticed I was missing my the vast majority of significant drink of the day, house made coffee! So I went to the near by store to search for reliable and long lasting coffee maker. Certainly you can not tell about the durability or the reliability of a product just by looking at it, so I asked a friend of mine who works at this coffee shop and he suggested I need to go for this one as I was the only one in my apartment to drink this coffee, so this was ideal for me. With high hopes I spent my money on this machine and left the rest on my luck.

I do not specially read assessments yet prior to I unpacked it I went and researched online about this machine. The good evaluations this coffee maker had received gave me a high boost and I went in to my kitchen unpacked it, set it up and made my first cup of coffee. Allow me tell you I was not disappointed at all! In fact the coffee tasted better than the coffee I used to get at my brother’s house. Let me share the positives of this machine first. The coffee maker my brother was using costed him more than this one fees me! Meaning it is inexpensive. The coffee holders are recycleable and dishwasher safe, saves me lots of work. Oh and terrific tasting coffee, couldn’t hope for any better taste from a coffee maker. The choice of regular or bold coffee just lits up my mood, the buttons on best are so convenient, as my mood tends to change about my coffees. If not so used to the buttons, the strength could possibly be easily controlled through the quantity of coffee used. No wastage of water or coffee, you’ll get just the amount of coffee and water you put in. The double filter causes it to become absolute that no ground passes via, making clean up a whole lot a lot easier! Yes, the clean up is exceptionally easy. Since my moods change, my cups too tend vary in size that’s no problem with this machine. No danger of over spilling as no water storage on the unit. I don’t forget my brother cleaning his counter once just about each week as a result of the spillage but I have not had a single spill ever since I bought it.

Now the cons, well it takes longer to make a coffee with this one then it did on my brothers coffee maker, that is a bit annoying, although the timing relies on the flavor you opt for. The clean up has to be weekly, which is a hassle for me. I also can not make hot chocolate or other drink with this coffee maker, it may be utilized for hot water though if you are in the mood for tea. Some mornings when I am being picky I feel such as the coffee just isn’t hot enough so I microwave my coffee just a bit , the temperature might not be a problem for others though.

For me this coffee maker isn’t bad at all, in fact it’s better than I thought it’d be, which makes me keep this little machine for as long as it stays. Considering getting it for my brother too. Lets hope that I will be back to write a better review after a year of use or so.

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