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For every 20 nursing home residents had received vitamin D in four different doses or a placebo. Participants without vitamin administration rushed three times as often as residents, the maximum dose of 800 IU had received. “Set your physician the optimal dose of vitamin D,” advises the Munich-based osteoporosis expert Professor Reiner Bartl. “He also decides whether additional calcium should be supplemented.” Here’s looking at you, kid. At least by gender and age of a person properly assessed, that is not necessary

A lateral facial profile enough already. This is the result of a study by psychologists at Stanford University in California. They submitted 260 test subjects with silhouettes of different faces – from chin to forehead, without hair. Men in four of five cases were recognized as such, while the rate among women silhouettes indicating rather a fluke.

Also, certain ages, the study participants in seven out of ten correct – but with a tendency to appreciate older. Even the attractiveness of a person solely because respondents had the silhouette of a clear opinion. Perhaps women can save themselves an expensive make-up yet?

Our expert Stefan Osche gives you tips on what you can do with loss of consciousness and other emergencies

Note: “A first-aid training for emergencies in infants and young children can not replace them,” said Stefan Osche, paramedic and first aid officer for the German Red Cross in Berlin. Precisely the measures to revive parents should practice under professional supervision one. Organizations offer such courses. Ask for the best front offices in the city. And always, if you are unsure of how to best behave, call a rescue service on the 112 (in Baden-Württemberg, parts of Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate: 19 222).

If a child is unconscious, his muscles are very lax, it stops responding.

What to do?
The biggest danger is that the child suffocates. Therefore, first make the airway by the head cautiously over stretch. Check whether your breathing Small: Keep your ear to the child’s mouth and check to see whether the chest rises and falls. Breathe it, take it into the recovery position. The child is not breathing, artificial respiration immediately.

H Miracle

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