Guide to Buying Used Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are among the most expensive timepieces in the world. In order to remain an elite and coveted brand, Rolex remains beyond most people’s price range. Used Rolex watches, although sometimes gently worn, come at a steeply discounted price compared to a new one and may enable you to see your dream of ownership realized.

Few watches offer the wearer such instant membership into the most elite circles as a Rolex. People will still pay large sums of money on the used market to have such a desired product. Buying from used markets then gives consumers their desired product within their budgeted means.

Beware cheap imposters and understand that used and replica are two very different terms. Both are offered at a discounted rate, but one is a worthless fraud and the other is a genuine timepiece. The value of a Rolex doesn’t change because has been worn by someone else, it is still a genuine piece, but a replica is made by an entirely different company and not of comparable value at all.

Remember that a previously owned Rolex is simply an older version of a high quality piece; it is still a fine Rolex. It still possesses everything of the original brand with the sole distinguishing exception being that it has been worn before. A replica on the other hand are completely fake and does not hold anything similar to an authentic Rolex watch, except perhaps some parts of the design.

Every day, thousands of innocent and unsuspecting buyers get ripped off by unauthentic buys. With such good fakes available for crooked dealers to trick buyers with, it is very important to find a Rolex whose authenticity is certain. Is there any way to tell for sure?

Replica dealers depend on your enthusiasm for finding a great deal on a Rolex to blind your good judgment, so be careful. Acquire a photo of the watch you are considering and take it to a professional who can help determine if it is real. If you know someone who has experience in purchasing a Rolex, by all means bring them along.

The presence of a clear back can is an indication of a fake If it has a clear back, it is a forgery. Forged Rolex watches can also be identified by determining the lack of a hologram on the back.

There is no better place to search for such hot deals than in online sites. Locating a previously owned Rolex is much easier than it was before the days of the internet, with online stores popping up everywhere. Because there is no opportunity for personal interaction, you run a bigger risk of being swindled if you purchase online.

If you are able to find a seller locally, you should always choose this method. Ideally, you will see and touch the watch before you make the purchase to test its authenticity and value for yourself. If you don’t mind paying a little bit more, you can probably find a jeweler in your area that offers gently used watches.

Most people will never be able to boast the possession of a Rolex. However, if you are lucky enough to find a good deal on an used piece, you can join the elite for much less. For all anyone else knows, your newly purchased Rolex has been in your family for years, so details of your purchase can remain private if you prefer.

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