Guide on import MOD, MOI to IDVD to burn MOD, MOI to DVD

Having a lot of problem with importing my MOD files to IMovie and iDVD without loosing picture quality. You’v used streamclip to demux into MPEG-2 files and it looks good in computer but when burning to DVD quality stinks! You are desperate! What can you do?

We know the best way we like is to import the camera MOD to iMovie firstly then share to iDVD to burn to DVD disc. But the 1280*720 resolution recorded by JVC Everio, Canon FS 100, Panasonic SDR has absolute problem with iMovie: the models to be supported by iMovie will outport horrible video quality in .MOV, MP4 format, even in Full Quality DV is only 720*480 low resolution.
So, how about import iDVD > import video – browse for ‘raw’ import file (30GB) after the raw Import into iMovie ’11 at ‘full – original size’? Horrible big size! A 9.74 GB H264 can be as large as 30 GB, but the DVD disc only has 4.7 and 8.5 G two storage criterion.

So we will taking the best way to solve this puzzle: to convert MOD files from Camera to iDVD directly imported DV, H264 format and keep the small size for burning to DVD disc. Plus, This MOD to iDVD Converter for Mac is also a excellent MOD editor to to help you crop the unwanted black edges, clip, merge, adjust image effect etc.

Simple guide on how to import MOD, MOI files to iDVD (Lion included)
Step1: Import MOD file. we’ve gotten that MOI files are information files only —- there is no video data. The video data resides in the MOD files, so you just need upload the MOD or TOD video to the software.
Hit “Add File” to input your MOD file to the converter. More than one file is allowed to add at one time.
add mod tod file

Step 2: Choose iDVD format.
Go to iDVD-> Mp4

idvd mp4 format
Convert to iDVD Mp4 in 720p.

idvd resolution
Step3: Convert MOD movie to iDVD.
Click “Start” button to convert Sony DCR Video to iMovie.

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