Green Living Is Not Exclusive To Either Individuals Or Companies – There’s Room For Both

A new organization you probably have never heard of unless you are really interested in green living is Harvest Power. It is an organic waste management organization that takes green waste, scraps of food, leftover wood, and other organic waste products, transforming them into syngas or biogas. Transforming into natural gas, heat and electricity are all possibilities. It is to be hoped that Harvest Power signals the emergence of a new corporate sector, targeting the generation of renewable energy, with compost as a byproduct. It can only benefit our Earth if many more organizations like this get started to efficiently utilize organic waste as an invaluable resource. Harvest Power’s compost products are terrific for adding to soil used for growing food. This is very good because using natural soil enhancers betters soil health by raising the nutrient content. Adding organic compost to the soil instead of synthetic fertilizers allows for the growth of more nutritious foods. Adding compost to your garden is going to provide you a healthy garden, and the reason you would want that is because it will give you a healthier you. An additional positive is that water use is decreased through the addition of organic compost. This is because healthy root systems are promoted, keeping water in the soil for longer. We all benefit from choosing to use compost instead of chemical fertilisers. synthetic fertiliser damage the ecosystem, contaminating groundwater, contributing to disproportionate nitrogen levels, and making our soil more acid – these are all deflected by the use of organic compost instead. Enriching soil with compost means a great deal of beneficial insects, worms and other organisms that aerate the soil. The erosion of topsoil that is taking place on croplands can be turned around by the addition of organic compost. If we want to live in a sustainable way, it’s important to have good soil. Harvest Power has a wide field of activity, and this green company as well engages in good, related things like renewable energy, anaerobic digestion and engineered fuel technologies. Anaerobic digesters use processes in which micro-organisms decay biodegradable material, creating biogas. Positive effects of the company’s activities are manyfold and include various things like enriching soil with compost, discovering good alternative uses for landfill-destined waste, substituting chemical fertilisers and aiding the drive towards clean, renewable energy. It would be nice if all business enterprises would think about the environment and become green. Not everyone can work for a green business enterprise, but there are a lot of small things that all people can do. Almost all kids are admonished not to waste food, and to think about the numerous famished people in the world. But globally, huge amounts of food are still being squandered. It has been calculated by an a Swedish company that the amount of food wasted between the time it is produced to the time it is consumed is 50%. In 2004 a study discovered that 10% to 15% of edible food in the United States was discarded, amounting to around $43 billion. It would be awful enough if it was just the food alone, but what about wasting water? Well, it was discovered that water wastage in the US of 40 trillion liters occurs each year. That is plenty of water for half a billion people. Wa can do something to save precious water.

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