green laser pointer now can work as retractable pointer

If microscopic particles such as atoms or molecules with high energy and low energy level E2 E1, E2 and E1 energy level populations on the number density of N2 and N1, in the two-level transition between the existence of spontaneous emission, stimulated emission and stimulated transitions absorption transition, three processes. People should purchase a  green laser pointer  with a good after service. Transitions generated by stimulated emission of light by stimulated emission, and the incident light has the same frequency, phase, propagation direction and polarization direction. Therefore, a large number of particles in the same excitation of coherent radiation field produced by the stimulated emission light is coherent. Stimulated emission transition probability and stimulated absorption transition probabilities are If, for some active substances on the two mirrors parallel to each other (at least one of which is part of the transmission’s) constitute the optical resonator (Figure 1), at high energy particles will produce a variety of directions of the spontaneous emission. The automatic frequency hopping technology of  green laser pointer  can effectively avoid interference of other radio-frequency signals. Among them, the non-axial propagation of light waves outside the cavity escapes soon: axial propagation of light waves able to spread in the cavity round-trip, when it spread in the laser material, the light intensity is growing. Continuous Working Time of green laser pointer
Chinese name of the first laser called “Laser”, “les” is its English transliteration of the name LASER is taken from the English Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation of the first letter of each word consisting of abbreviations.  green laser pointer  now can work as retractable pointer.Means “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Laser has been completely full name in English to express the main process of manufacturing the laser. 1964, in accordance with the well-known scientist Qian proposed that “stimulated emission of light” was renamed “laser.”

Laser since the 20th century, following the atomic energy, computers, semiconductors, after another major inventions of mankind. Its principle as early as 1916, the famous physicist Albert Einstein has been found, but until 1958 was only the first successful laser manufacturing. The fourth generation of  green laser pointer  is another technological innovation of the page turning  green laser pointer . Laser is in a theoretical preparation and production practices in the context of the urgent need emerged, and it come out, you get extraordinary fast development, the development of not only the old laser optical science and optical technology gained a new life, and lead to the emergence of a new industry. Laser allows people to effectively use advanced methods and means unprecedented, unparalleled benefits and to get results, so as to promote the development of productivity.

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