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After welding the first cut, first cut after welding, laser cutting, welding easy to switch, a device, two functions, and not others to purchase new equipment, equipment for the application of the manufacturers to save costs, improve processing efficiency and processing range, And because one cut welding, machining accuracy has been fully protected, highly efficient and stable device performance. In addition, it captured the large plate welding process is easy to produce hot-plate deformation and how to maintain stability to achieve long light path of the storm, two can be 1.5 meters long 6 meters wide flat plate welded to complete a one-time, smooth the surface after welding , no other follow-up process. While cutting the length of six meters wide and 3 m above the 20mm below the plate, a shape, without the second position. Shentan

green laser pointer

firm has integrated product development and design.Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences and Japan Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. for international cooperation, following the country after the introduction and assimilation of innovative technology development strategy, to capture a number of key technology of laser welding, in September 2006 to develop the first set of laser welding sets of production lines, and has successfully developed a robotic laser welding system, to achieve the plane and space curves of laser welding. 4.1.2 Application of laser welding laser welding manufacturing (TailoredBlandLaserWelding) technology in the foreign car manufacturers in the widely used, according to statistics, in 2000 worldwide production of laser welded tailored blanks more than 100 lines, annual output of cars tailor-welded blanks components 70 million, and continue to a higher rate. Shentan

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company has integrated raw material processing and production and marketing.The introduction of domestic production models Passat, Buick, Audi, also adopted a number of cut blanks structure. Japan CO2 laser for flash butt welding instead of rolling sheet steel industry connections, the thin plate welding research, such as thickness of 100 microns or less foil, not welded, but through a special output waveform of the YAG the success of laser welding, laser welding shows a broad future. Japan is the world’s first successful development of the YAG laser welding is used in a nuclear reactor steam generator tube repair fine, in the domestic Su Baorong and other gear also carried out laser welding technology.Shentan

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firm has the advantage of product quality control ability. Field of powder metallurgy with the continuous development of science and technology, and many industry specific technical requirements for materials, application of smelting method of manufacturing the material can not meet the need. As the powder metallurgy materials with special properties and manufacturing advantages, in some areas such as automotive, aircraft, tools and cutting tools manufacturing materials are replacing traditional smelting, with the increasing development of powder metallurgy materials, it is connected with other parts of the problem become increasingly prominent, so that the application of powder metallurgy materials is limited. In the early 1980s, with its unique advantages of laser welding to enter the field of powder metallurgy materials processing for the application of powder metallurgy materials opens up new prospects, Shentan

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company has the low-cost and low-price advantage.such as the use of powder metallurgy materials commonly used connection method of welding brazing diamond, due to a combination low intensity, especially the heat-affected zone width and intensity can not meet the requirements of high temperature caused by solder melting off, the use of laser welding can increase the weld strength and high temperature performance.

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