Graphic Design tips – How to Choose the Right Color for Your Logo

When you’re working with a graphic design company, the colors you choose for your business logo say a lot about your corporate personality, how you see yourself and how clients see you.

Those colors matter a great deal, as your logo is your first brand encounter with a potential client or customer. Your logo should be prominent and your graphic design should be fresh, using a color scheme that helps connect you to clients rather than push them away. or cause them to laugh.

Graphic Design – Logo Color Selection Tip 1
You need to decide on how you want people to see you – what is the image you’re trying to convey to potential customers? This persona needs to be reflected in all of your marketing materials as well as your logo to sustain brand consistency – otherwise you risk confusing people when they come into contact with your brand. It might not seem like it but a laid-back software developer won’t likely use the same color scheme as a large investment firm going after big pockets.

Graphic Design – Logo Color Selection Tip 2
Do competitive research for your logo and take a look at what your direct and indirect competitors are using to represent their business. You certainly don’t want to brand yourself using the same colors as a known competitor. Likewise you don’t want to be the one using glaring, bright colors when it’s the industry norm to use dull, muted colors.

Graphic Design – Logo Color Selection Tip 3
With your logo you should always choose an element that will stick out more than anything else. Communicate your wants with the graphic design team. That way some element of your logo or company name can stand out and burn its way into the memory of your customers.

Graphic Design – Logo Color Selection Tip 4
For the element you choose to stand out, always use brighter, warmer colors that inspire trust and confidence in your brand. Aggressive colors like red or even orange are suitable elements for critical graphic design points and will always attract attention.

Graphic Design – Logo Color Selection Tip 5
Certain colors always represent trains of thought or ideas. Blue is a color that simulates communication as well as authority and stability. Unfortunately it’s used so often that it can be seen as boring and “been there done that.” For colors like this, try implementing contrasting colors that offer high accents even if the accent is white and blue.

Graphic Design – Logo Color Selection Tip 6
For any healthcare or wellness business, green is a color to choose. Green has always had a calming, healing effect and healthcare-related organizations tend to greatly benefit when they use the same color in their logos or other online & offline marketing materials.

There are other smart color matches as well, such as pinks and purple colors for a more feminine audience. The key is to do the necessary research to discover which colors will be most effective with the people you’re trying to market to.

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