Good Ways to Decompress Workaholic

Are you a workaholic? “Workaholic” refers to a group of people with their own personality, and to adapt working, which will be automatically turned in face with the plight of hard work, “pressing the mode button turned workaholic, gender switch, and enter working crazy state.”


In order to make you know whether you are a workaholic or not. I will tell you a Japanese TV drama, “work of lunatics”, I am looking at recently. The heroine is a magazine editor; she works hard, even more powerful and capable than men. She hopes to own the feeling of having worked hard when she leave the world. She is a downright workaholic. After seeing, more than entertainment, we should think about it. In fact, including myself, there are many close friends who do not have such a situation? Front of the work, there is always the fears we did not finish. Who let us has born in the era of insecurity. Ever since, home has become our second front. We are all ready to work. But do not let work be your all; after all, we have other important issues in life besides work, such as our families, our close friends and our lovers.


Well, if you are a workaholic, in your keeping working life, you want to achieve the full advantage of every minute. Every complex, tedious decoration should be subtracted as much as possible. Because these tedious “scattered” is likely to disrupt your arrangement, so try to fit your own need to design your simple bedroom. Because user-friendly design allows you be relaxed during the whole sleeping process. There is a very, very comfortable mattress; it is the soul of your role in sleep.


If you are a busy person, in the color of choice of your bedroom, you had better choose the color of neat, looking comfortable, and can come out with results without spending too much thought. Ok, you can choose cold color, it will make your mind becomes fresh and coherent. If you want to do the bedroom decoration, it is better to select some tough style, color unity and is practical. For busy people, they have no time to take care of some modification of the decorations.


So, have this bedroom. When you wake up, neat atmosphere will make you have a clear morning. Beautiful and busy day to begin!


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