Gold jewelry or will Links of london enter a sales network era

Online can also buy gold, recently, known as “China’s gold investment first gold” high cernet Co., LTD, announced the gold and silver in links off london the Internet for the first time to sell their products, and excellent amazon become its designated exclusive network vendors, China golden group marketing Co., LTD. Has also said China gold will develop sales business network.
Zhongjin securities analyst zhang yan links london watch charm introduction, the sector’s online sales lagging far behind other industries. Investigate its reason, first of all, the value of the gold high, the average consumer transaction value of huge, due to concerns about the safety of fund and not trust for Internet transactions. Second, the value of gold to identify, not links jewellery london through the naked eye to identify. Therefore, the gold industry sales network will lag behind other industries.
Experts say, nearly two years, consumers and group of gold of attention far more than before. Especially since the international financial crisis, out of control risk consideration, more and more people realize the gold stored value links of london charms value function, increase the investment to gold. The expert inside course of study thinks, if online sales price of gold cheap and value, the traditional gold sales channel will form a certain impact. Joyo/amazon Tahir sweetie bracelet said vice President: “the cernet gold products into the high joyo/amazon is in order to provide consumers, a more convenient, more low-cost channel to buy gold products.”
Earlier, consumer often need a bank or friendship bracelets some large shop to buy gold, silver and other products, both time-consuming and fee energy. With China’s Internet shopping mature, experts links of london say, like TV, air-conditioning big consumer electronics, gold, as jewelry and other precious products will also with the sales network era. There will be more and more consumers through the network, realize never leave links of london charm home to buy gold and jewelry and other precious commodity desire.

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