Girls Dress Up Games – Learning Whilst Sharing And Playing

Girls dress up games is timeless.  Little girls have been dressing up as a means of pretending and understanding adult roles for generations, no doubt since little girls had the means and time to play.  As such there are number of dress up games that they can play, including varied ones online.  Usually these are more fun when done with friends of their own age and an array of props to make dressing up a game of imagination and education.

Girls dress up games vary in types.  A young girls may wish to dress up as her favourite character from a bed time story or even emulate the adult women that they see in their daily lives.  Not only do they have the chance to learn about different adult roles in life, but learn how to make decisions and solve problems that arise, whether between themselves and their friends or in trying to create the perfect costume of play for them.  In fact, many girls like to dress up in their mother’s clothes, so if you have any old clothes that you can put into a tub for them to play with, it will save you money on finding specific girl dress up games for girls.  Why buy something that you have the pieces for at home?

Girls dress up games can include: a princess, a teacher, a mother, a nurse, or even a famous person from history.  The girl might wish to be a cook and pretend to make wonderful dishes like mother does and entertain and impress their friends.  For those who like to be princesses, you do not need to go out and buy a crown as you can make one out of cardboard and spray it with non-toxic metallic paint for the perfect finish.  If you child is into girl dress up games for girls that include TV heroes, capes can be made from old sheets and other items can be simply created from things that you have lying around the house.  Most importantly, you should encourage your child to think without the help of specially made toys.  Many kids are unable to use their imaginations as well because they are so used to watching so much TV or playing video games.  That is why finding props and clothing that they can learn to put together into unique outfits is far more educational.  It teaches them what goes together and what does not and to not conform necessarily to stereotypes of typical girl dress up characters.  It also helps them to develop their own unique tastes and ideas.

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