Get The Best Mold Making And Casting Materials From Environmolds

EnvironMolds, established in the year 1997 is known for manufacturing user safe and environmental friendly products. We supply all your needs to reproduce anything with our selection of environmentally friendly mold making and casting materials and supplies.

Mold making is the procedure of generating molds for forming metals, plastics, rubber, glass or ceramics in to shapes. Molds are negative spaces that serve as a model or pattern for shaping heated raw material such as plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, or other. Liquid casting material is prepared and poured in to the mold to set. Thus, molding is a process of manufacturing a variety of objects in a specific shape of size. Molds are used for metal casting also.

The most commonly used salt in making ceramic molds is Sodium Silicate which is also known as Water Glass. It is available in solution form and is also used in cements. This compound is made from sodium carbonate and silicon dioxide. It can be used as a bonding agent as well as in coating on surfaces. When applied to the surfaces of the mold it forms a thin layer that is tough and tight bond or film. The bond formed by applying the sodium silicate is low in cost, resistant to fire, resistant to moisture and water; also it can be treated to temperatures at very high temperatures. The main feature of the film is that it is non toxic and doesn’t have any foul smell.

When working with molds, a releasing agent is often used to prevent the hardened product from sticking to the inside of the mold. Specialized mold-cleaning solutions might also be needed to remove debris inside the mold after use, depending on the type of mold and the specific material being used in the mold. The machines used for casting and molding of the various objects contain a nameplate that contains the safety information. The machines such as the EnvironMolds vacuum chamber should not be left alone when operating. You should monitor its use after starting your vacuum pump so that they don’t generate any adverse circumstances. So, if you face any kind of difficulties choosing the appropriate mold making and casting materials, do not forget to contact us as we will be more than happy to help you.

EnvironMolds has been manufacturing and distributing superior quality art supplies throughout the world.

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