Get a easy way to play sony handycam mts video on mac

Handycam is really a new sony brand accustomed to market its camcorder range. It had been released in 1985 named the first Video8 camcorder, changing Sony’s previous type of Betamax-based models, and the name was intended to emphasize the “handy” palm size nature of the camera, made possible by the new miniaturized tape format. It was in marked contrast towards the bigger, shoulder mounted cameras available before the development of Video8, and competing more compact formats for example VHS-C.

When we first took the HDR-CX100 out of the carton, we were amazed at its compact size. Just like the wow factor of the new iPod shuffle, this camcorder is unbelievably small, and easily fits in the palm of your hand. Even if you don’t buy this high-def model, check it out at the local retailer: It’s quite impressive.

The CX100 measures 2.25 x 2.4 x 4.5 (W x H x D, in inches) and weighs 10.4 ounces with the battery. You can carry this one around all day, no problem. We tested a red model, which has black and silver accents, but Sony also makes silver and black versions. Overall the camcorder looks slick, but it’s hardly a standout. The camcorder record .mts format. What is mts?

.MTS is a file type used to capture and record high-definition video in both consumer- and professional-level digital video cameras, and is now used as the file type of choice on a wide variety of digital video camera brands. As an acronym for “MPEG Transport Stream,” the .MTS video file is sometimes called “AVCHD” or “Advanced Video Codec High Definition,” which refers to the file format and folder structure in its entirety. However, unlike many file types that can be viewed and used simply by opening them, .MTS files reside within a specific folder structure that is often required for the file to be used. This highly structured system of folders tells the appropriate software on the computer exactly what the file contains and how to best utilize it.

If you want to edit your mts file with FCP, If the MTS files grey out when you try to import them to FCP, you need to convert them to FCP friendly formats.

AVCHD Converter for Mac, can help you import sony handycam to mac, which can convert M2TS, MTS, etc videos to most popular formats, such as MOV, MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPEG-4, MP3, etc. And then you can import converted AVCHD MTS or M2TS files to Mac applications, like MTS to iMovie, FCP, FCE, iDVD and more for editing as you like.

You can do it as follow:

Step1: Add Sony Handycam mts file to the program

Launch Mac AVCHD Converter. Click “Add File” to add target AVCHD MTS video for converting.

Step2: Select Output Video Format

Click the small down arrow at the very right of the “Profile” to open the profile drop-up list to choose MOV, MP4,or DV as output video format for Mac iMovie, FCP, FCE, iDVD, etc.

Step3: Start to convert Sony Handycam Video to Mac

After this, you can easily import sony handycam to mac, and also can import sony handycam to imovie.

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