Garden House: Building An Orchid House

If you like the concept of having your own green corner, but do not have adequate amount of space to extend your home gardening ideas, then it’s time to craft your own garden house, where colors bloom in profusion, where nothing but dream rests and birds chirp. It is basically a free standing building, which can be built almost anywhere in the garden, wherever you have some amount of space at least. It stands as an effective alternative to the traditional backyard Eden and offers better flexibility to create your own orchid house.

To put things simply, this is typically a small structure made from wood, equipped with well insulated windows and electric supply. Somewhat they resemble those tiny wooden houses with quality doors and windows. Honestly, the overall cost of pre-fabricated sheds or the price of well-structured summer houses which are available at the superstores are pretty much at the higher side. On the other hand, quite as an alternative to traditional gardening, a garden house stands as a rather cost effective and flexible option to bank on. This season with a well-crafted greenhouse in place, you can turn your balcony, patio, gazebo and backyard into a colorful orchid house.

white-pink orchid

It is the time to add wings to your outdoor innovations and imaginations while turning your backyard into a sensational garden with striking parade of color, life, vivacity and beauty of the delicate and exotic orchids. Gone are the days when orchids were only to be found cozied up in the vases, instead creating illustrious orchid house now stands as the gardener’s hot favorite choice.

Indeed orchid stands as one of the most beautiful houseplants which are delicate to keep alive in summer and in hot and humid days. So, how do you keep your orchid house healthy for long? Here are some suggestions:


It grows best in sheer bright light however tends to dry out in direct sunlight. Keep it in mind that Phalaenopsis typically dislikes cold draughts as well as waterlogging so never try to place them on a windowsill (they will get baked in direct sunlight and might suffer chills at night). It is better to keep them inside your orchid house to offer a warm and vibrant tone to your plant house.


These plants are somewhat harder to find however they definitely deserve a place in your garden house owing to their sheer delicate look and citrus rose scent. Keep this in mind when trying to grow Miltonia in your garden house – they get baked by direct sunlight and require few hours of bright but indirect sunlight each day.

These plants are beautiful even when it is not fully bloomed. The thin shape of their leaves and the bulbous yellow base makes them quite an attractive choice. Remember, they need the night-time temperatures to be relatively cooler than daytimes.


It makes excellent houseplants and their flowers usually come in the shades of Pink, Orange, Blue and Purple. They require no soil and also no bark clippings. This is typically because their roots draw everything from air and rain. Hang them from the ceiling to render a touch of wilderness to your orchid house.

This season, fuse your imagination with effective outdoor innovations to make your garden house a real visual treats.

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