February 8, 2023

Games Lost Light has updated the shooting survival

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Game Lost Light Since its global release on September 1st, the number of downloads has surpassed 1 million.
1 Game Lost Light

1 Game Lost Light

Below is the information as it was announced

Lost Light is a free shooting survival game developed and sold by NetEase Games. Since its global release on September 1st, the number of downloads has surpassed 1 million, and in several countries and regions it has become so popular that it ranks among the top 10 free games.

Such Lost Light welcomes the first major update since its release, adding a new jungle series firearm skin and wet weather combat system. In addition, the addition of play modes that emphasize fun, such as the dog tag collector challenge match, has also been announced.

firearm skin settings

A new firearm skin setting has been added, allowing you to customize firearm skins individually, and increasing the variety of weapon upgrades. Also available for a limited time is the Jungle Elite Firearm Skin to camouflage your firearm for jungle combat.

hardcore wet weather combat

To increase the realism of the battlefield environment, Lost Light features a rain system to provide a more hardcore Dark Forest combat experience. Let’s enjoy the battlefield with a sense of realism, not only from light rain to heavy rain, but also from lightning strikes that can strike at any time.

Resale of popular skins

2 Game Lost Light
2 Game Lost Light

Ghost Force Skin is back on sale for a limited time. Its appearance, which imitates the ghost of the end of the battlefield, will be a trump card for infiltration operations in closed areas.

Expansion of search area

Lost Light released the Akiyama map, expanding the scope of the search area and the possibility of searching for supplies. Explore every nook and cranny of the battlefield in PvP, collect more resources, and build your own doomsday shelter.

New play mode added

Lost Light First dog tag collector challenge match held. Accumulate defeat points in battles and aim for a chance to get an advanced membership card. Defeating Firefly during the event earns 5 points, defeating Raymond’s gang earns 2 points, and defeating Marauder earns 1 point. Each dog tag taken out of the game gives you an extra point.

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