Fun with a Dual Screen DVD Player

Make Road Trips Fun with a Dual Screen DVD Player

I’m fortunate enough to be able to take my family on two or three vacations per year. It requires a lot of saving and discipline to afford these trips, but we all look forward to them as a means of bonding and spending quality time together. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to pay for everything if we had to fly to our destinations, so we load up the car and head out on long road trips instead. That could be a recipe for disaster with two young kids sitting in close proximity to each other in the back seat for hours on end, but they manage to stay pretty well occupied thanks to our dual screen DVD player.

Some higher-end cars, SUVs, and minivans come with the option of having a dual screen DVD player factory installed in the vehicle, but that wasn’t something I considered back when I bought my car. The most I could afford at the time was a 5-disc CD changer, which still seemed like a luxury. But I learned rather quickly that kids are simply not as interested in audio CDs as they are in cartoons and movies, so I ended up purchasing an after-market dual screen DVD player and installing it myself. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made!

Prior to buying my dual screen DVD player, I did some research to make sure I would get a good, solid product for my money. There are a lot of players on the market and all come with their own set of features. I couldn’t tell on my own which features were musts and which I could live without, so I had read through a bunch of consumer reviews for all different brands and models. For instance, is there a significant difference between viewing movies on 7-inch screens versus 9-inch screens? Should I pay a bit extra for video game console adapters? How necessary is it to have a remote control for the dual screen DVD player in a standard-sized car like mine? How easy is the mounting/removal process? These are just a few of the questions I had to consider before making a decision.

Once I settled on a specific product, I could start comparing prices. I found lots of great bargains when shopping for a dual screen DVD player online, and was able to buy a mid-range model from a reliable manufacturer for a very reasonable price. Installing the unit was a breeze, and now the kids are able to enjoy all their favorite movies while on the road.

If your family spends as much time in the car as mine does, then a dual screen DVD player would be a worthwhile investment. Ours has considerably cut down on the amount of bickering and whining heard during our trips, saving me from lots of headaches. Can a parent really put a price on something like that?

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