fruta planta lose weight while maintaining skin moisture

Do not eat processed foods, excessive

Do not think on what meat you can eat the meat Oh, to be like, as described above, selective eating, especially eating less processed food. Harvard School of Public Health, a new study shows that potato chips are the most vulnerable people “fertility” of a food, followed by potato products, sugary beverages, raw meat, processed meat . Weight loss or stable object of study for many years eating less processed foods. So, do not eat too many processed foods.

Currently, three million people in the UK meat diet to lose weight. Using this method to lose weight, make obesity in relatively fast time, less weight, but, due to the meat-eating, in the winter, not only is not prone to hunger, to make up the body of energy, but also to meet the diet of For, for the diet are concerned, seems to be – pieces of nothing better.
“Food with the right mix.”

Winter just is not enough food to eat less meat, especially cold winter, many people think should not eat salad, and more is wrong. In fact, should eat more vegetables in the winter, and now there is a great choice of dishes, almost all of the vegetables you can buy, vegetable fat not only allows us to reduce the income, you can also let off the dry winter. And vegetables which are rich in dietary fiber can reduce blood lipid levels, to help clear the body of waste and grease, pH balance, is the best weight-loss beauty fitness food.

In addition, the hot soup to drink plenty of water or water and accelerate the body’s metabolic function, and promote bowel movements, so you fruta planta lose weight while maintaining skin moisture, increase immunity. After eating meat to “remedy”, you can add the right amount of fruit to help digestion.

Second, pay attention to “three don’ts”

can not eat too much

Tonic in winter is a good time, so it’s easy to eat too much. Blindly rely on the food cold, excessive consumption of high-energy, high-fat foods and alcohol, etc., and processing center of gravity will cause disease. Excessive protein intake can also cause calcium fruta planta pills loss scientific approach is “better pot storage, keep the stomach fullness” leftovers occupied pot does not matter, ruining the body may not pay up.
do not eat fried

As we all know, egg yolk, fried fatty foods should not eat. Because intake of starch, sugar, fat and cholesterol too much to digest for a long time, and easy to make the blood too long deposition in the digestive system. Beauty is not conducive to weight loss not only moisture, even more detrimental to health.


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