Fruit Diet Can Easily Help Lose 20 Pounds of Meat

Eating the right fruit can make your weight loss yield twice the result with half the effort! Now, if you want to lose weight, take a look at the fruits we should eat.


Fruit diet:

Eat nothing except fruits. You can eat only fruits the whole day until you feel full. You should choose the fruits that are most effective in losing weight such as apples, kiwi, oranges, etc., thus weight loss can receive a multiplied effect.


Principles for losing pounds:

Eating fruits can have an effect of losing pounds in a short time, because only eating one thing can reduce the intake of food. In particular, high-fiber fruits can speed up the metabolism of our body, and then you can lose weight.


Fruit diet principles:

  1. The absorption of heat every day should not be less than 800-1000K.
  2. If you only eat fruits, the intake of protein will be insufficient, so you can drink soya-bean milk every day to add protein.
  3. Do not eat only one kind of fruit or the nutrition will not balance.


Fruit diet selections:

  1. Choose fresh fruit in the season.
  2. Choose oranges, apples, pears, bananas, kiwi and other fruits. Apple is best eaten with skin.


Fundamental common sense of fruit diet:

  1. Do not eat processed fruits, because the process to produce processed foods will make a huge loss of vitamin C and fiber, thus affecting the effects of losing weight. In addition, canned fruits are always soaked with sugar, so calories will relatively increase.
  2. Be careful not to eat too many durians, leeches, longans and other high-heat fruits.
  3. It is best to eat fruits in the morning. It can promote digestion and nutrition is most easily absorbed. Eating fruits between the two meals can not only reduce the appearing phenomenon of flatulence, but also reduce the intake of other high-calorie foods.



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