From levers to servers

With the boom of free online casino games all across the internet we think of the good old slot machines and how they’ve always been a reference point in the social image of a casino. As responsible for up to 70% of the casinos income the slot machine is without a doubt the most popular game available at casinos all across the world.

Back in the day where the slots of vegas were the most famous attraction in the strip and stores were operated mechanically using drums that contained cards, machines would be installed in almost any store or bar and the prizes were given not in cash but in any way depending what was available in such stores. The outcome of the cards would determine the payout (based on standard poker hand ranking) and the machine would not payout automatically.

From this archaic beginning to modern systems and computer chips the Slots of Vegas have traveled a long journey of perfecting and improving along with technology, the slot machine is now a technological masterpiece for the modern fun. In spite of the evolution of this game, the original idea has remained; the idea of making people have fun for hours pulling a lever, or as it is done nowadays, pushing a button.

Internet gave us access to a world of information and entertainment without leaving the comfort of our own home. The mission was to bring the Slots of Vegas to the homes of millions of happy players around the globe. Money was not a problem with the idea of free online casino games and of course, slot machines. With this leap to the digital era everybody was able to spin around for fun without needing to travel to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Slot machines are perhaps the best example of modernization and maintenance of the true original spirit of the gambling. Thy masterminds behind the original concept of the slots game were capable of keeping up with the times without making it hard for regular players to evolve and learn this new way of gaming as well. These advances made the game better in so many ways that no strategies and/or marketing tools were needed however, these have certainly made the game one of the more beloved past times in modern society.

The beauty of this is that even though you don’t spend day and night at a casino or saloon spinning the reels of a slot machine you can always go online and blow the stress away on your favorite online slot machine website with minimal expense on your end. It is just plain fun a couple of clicks away.

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