Frequently Asked Questions About All on 4 TM Implants, PART 2

Welcome back to our three-part article series on All on 4TM implants and the pressing questions and concerns that many patients frequently express. In our previous article post, we took a closer look at what the All on 4TM is, which patients are considered to be the ideal candidates and how long the procedure typically takes. In this installment, we shall address more of your FAQs, beginning with perhaps the most urgent of all questions…

FAQ: Does it hurt?

Answer: Surgery of any kind is always pretty scary. No one enjoys the prospect of needles, the smell of anesthesia or the cold clinical whiteness of the procedure room. But if there’s one thing the modern dental patient doesn’t need to be afraid of, it’s pain. Patients are often sedated as well as anesthetized for the placement of All on 4TM dental implants, so they won’t experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure at all. Post-operatively, there can be some localized discomfort, tenderness and swelling, but this is nothing a prescription pain-killer can’t effectively deal with. This usually disappears within a few days. The majority of All on 4 implant patients eat a light meal on the evening of the procedure and return to work the very next day!

FAQ: What are some of the benefits of All on 4TM dental implants?

Answer: The All on Four was designed by European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo with denture-wearers and those whose teeth are failing specifically in mind. Therefore, some of the benefits and advantages of the All on 4TM over partial and full dentures include:

  • A brand new set of teeth that are fixed and non-removable and won’t slip around or fall out.
  • A new, improved and confident smile.
  • A strong, natural bite that enables you to eat all the foods you love; foods that you could never manage with dentures.
  • New teeth that are comfortable, feel natural and don’t press down hard on the gums, causing pain, inflammation and sores.
  • No more repeat expenses! Forget ever having to buy anesthetic gels, soaking solutions, messy adhesives and cleaning pastes ever again. All on 4TM teeth are cleaned and maintained similar to natural teeth.
  • You’ll never need to take your teeth out for cleaning or at night time ever again!
  • All on 4TM implants support a much slimmer bridge that, unlike bulky removable dentures, won’t trigger the gag reflex or impede your ability to taste and enjoy your food.

Eat what you want, smile with confidence and go to sleep with your teeth in your mouth! All on 4TM dental implants offer a comfortable, functional and non-removable solution to edentulism and rampant tooth loss.

FAQ: Will my Insurance cover the All on Four procedure?

Answer: Unfortunately many insurance providers still consider dental implants an elective procedure, so it is unlikely that you will get full coverage for the All on 4TM. Depending on your plan however, you may have some coverage that could be applied. You should also speak to your dentist’s office about their financing plans.

Stay Tuned for the Final Installment!

We still have one last article to go and a few more FAQs to cover. Stay tuned for the third and final article of this series on All on 4TM dental implants.

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