Freightliner Training Academy Program Covers Wide Range of Topics

In the 36 weeks they spend in Centennial College’s Truck and Coach Technician – Freightliner (MAP 32) program, which boasts a freightliner training academy feel, students get to experience everything from detailed theoretical lectures and hands-on lessons to real-life on-the-job experience. All of these elements are combined to offer students the leading edge on the competition once they graduate with their certificate of completion.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of this freightliner training academy program. Those interested in attending are required to possess at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or GED or equivalent. Students enrolled in a Centennial College Modified Apprenticeship Program (MAP) must also be registered apprentices, in accordance with the Apprenticeship Branch of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. In addition, applicants must complete/submit a questionnaire and meet with program staff, and be able to legally work in Canada. Acceptance is based on successful completion of all entry requirements. It is worth noting that once they are accepted, students must provide their own source of transportation to selected co-op work place assignments. They must also provide their own lab coats or coveralls, eyewear (safety glasses), welding goggles and gloves, safety footwear, ear protection (if required).

With its freightliner training academy feel, the program employs only highly-qualified and experienced faculty members who emphasize aspects of heavy vehicle technology that are embodied in the program. This includes the diagnosis and repair of the following course subjects: electronics and electrical, and computer management systems; steering, brakes, suspensions, frames and alignment; transmission(s) manual, automated, automatic; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; hydraulics; engines; fuel systems (gas and diesel); welding – MIG, ARC, gas, cutting, brazing; and tools and equipment safety concerns.

Integrated into each topic within the freightliner training academy program is the use of Centennial College’s Ashtonbee Campus, which houses the largest transportation training centre in the province. The state-of-the-art labs boast up-to-date tools and equipment used in the field as well as real vehicles on which students can practice.

The freightliner training academy curriculum is the ideal lead-up to students heading out into the field for the co-op portion of the program, during which employers go out of their way to ensure that students actually do some work during their apprenticeship. As such, students of the freightliner training academy can rest assured that they will apply what they have learned and gain new knowledge from their employers during the co-op portion of the offering. Students receive pay during the apprenticeship and may be eligible for Employment Insurance during the in-class training.

Once students complete their time in the freightliner training academy, they will be assisted in obtaining employment with a Daimler truck dealer or major truck or bus fleet operator. However, they may also find jobs with manufacturers of trucks; truck, bus or motor home dealerships, buses, and motor homes; freight and transportation companies; as well as municipal or provincial highway transportation departments.

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