Free Traffic System Review and Training

The art of search engine optimization is the art of getting as much traffic to a particular website as possible. There are many techniques involved in search engine optimization, and Free Traffic System is a type of affiliated program that instead of awarding you with money, awards you with free backlinks to the website of your choice.


It’s a great concept because instead of being awarded money and then spending that money on advertising, you can simply use the advertising on whatever you wish. Free Traffic System has two membership options, free and pro. A free membership entitles you to the basic provisions of the program, while a pro membership will give you many more options for making addition money and gaining additional backlinks.


Many people opt to sign up for the free membership to begin as it allows them a sort of “trial run” before they begin using the program for real. By no means should you regard a free membership as a trial run, because you still get most of the benefits that you would get with a pro membership, you just get them in lesser quantities.

When you sign up to the program, you will get your own website from which you can start promoting other people’s websites. As you promote other people’s websites, your website that you want to target will eventually be placed in the rotation. When your website comes up in the rotation, many members of the program will begin posting backlinks to your website, thus causing your website to increase its rankings. In this manner, you are essentially receiving free advertising without much effort at all.


When you submit articles with a free membership, you can include up to 120 backlinks in each article. When you are a pro member, you are entitled to put up to 900 backlinks inside of each article. In addition, you can put up to 5 pages on tag pages, which further increases your page rank. In addition, when you become a pro member, you receive access to secret SEO materials that will help you learn more about SEO in general and become better at search engine optimization.

Another benefit of being a pro member is that you have priority on all support tickets. This means if you ever run across an issue, it will be resolved quicker than if you were a free member. Of course, this does come at a cost. To become a pro member you will have to pay either a $47 monthly fee, or you can opt to pay a onetime lifetime fee of $497.


Unlike traditional affiliate programs where you are rewarded in monetary amounts, in free traffic system you are awarded with backlinks. If you are a webmaster or own multiple websites, this is a great opportunity because it means you don’t have to worry about purchasing advertising, you simply use your backlinks that you earn in the program as your advertising.

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