Free Flip Mino/Flip Ultra/Flip Slide HD Video to Windows Movie Maker Converter

With the Flip Utra and Flip Mino series, flip video camcorder has made great improvement in the design, video quality and viewing LCD. The stylish outside appearance and smoothy touch can be fashionable and fantastic for you. The less compressed high definition video quality will bring you excellent visual-audio experience. And the upgraded LCD with great resolution allows you to display or record super-clear views easily in bright sunlight.

Windows Movie Maker is a basic video creating/editing software included in Microsoft Windows, which has provide effective and simple way for most amateur filmmakers to craft movies. Sometimes, when we import some flip video files to Windows Movie Maker, it usually says not valid. As we know, the file formats come out of flip video are limited to mp4 and h.264 formats. How to make other compatible formats come out of flip video?

iOrgsoft Flip Video to Windows Movie Maker Converter is a convenient application designed to convert flip video to Windows Movie Maker. It can convert flip videos to the regular formats such as: wmv, avi, asf, mpg that Windows Movie Maker can recognize directly. The converted formats are also playable on Windows Media Player and many portable devices such as: Blackberry, Creative Zen, iRiver, Zune, etc. The converter is also famous for its cross-platform capacity to be operated on both Windows and Mac system.

iOrgsoft Flip video converter provides you many corresponding codec to convert Flip video to other formats smoothly so that you can enjoy Flip video footages on portable iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, BlackBerry, Gphone, Creative Zen, iRiver, PSP, Zune, Palm and various mobile phones. Flip video converting program enables you to adjust video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, encoder and aspect ratio (original, full, 4:3 and 16:9) according to your preference.

Professional Flip video converter offers you numerous editing features including cropping, trimming, clipping, merging and adding effects. It assists you to cut off unwanted parts, clip time length segment that you need to convert and join all the files into one. Flip camcorder could not take still pictures directly, but you can capture beloved images while previewing the video with the built in camera of great Flip converter and save them as JPG, BMP, PNG formats

Steps: How to convert flip video to windows movie maker from Flip Video Camcorder?
Step 1: Connect your flip video camcorder with the PCConnect your flip video camcorder with the compute, save the flip videos on your computer with the built-in FlipShare.
Step 2: Download and install the Flip Video Converter on your computer.
Step 3: Launch Flip Video Converter and import flip videos to flip video converter.Click”Add” on the left middle panel to open the file folder on your computer, browse the folder and select the flip videos need to be converted. You are allowed to load many flip videos at a time.
Step 4: Take snapshots.When previewing the flip videos in the displaying screen, you can capture your favourite views from the video by clicking” Snapshots” beneath the window.
Step 5: Select the output formats and output path.Select the output file format from the drop down menu besides”Profile” filed on the left bottom panel, you will need to select wmv, avi or mpg formats to import to Windows Movie Maker.Specify a destination on your computer to save your converted flip video files.
Step 6: Start ConversionHit” Start” on the right bottom panel, and the conversion will carry out automatically. When the conversion is done, you can import the converted flip videos to Windows Movie Maker to do some editing.

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