Orange Memories Photography is a husband and wife team specializing in event and wedding. Together, my wife Lin and I have over 20 years experience in news photography. That experience has a huge influence on our style, which is creative photojournalism. We focus on capturing the essence of the story in a single moment and the emotions that go with it. We are vancouver wedding photographer, But we do destination weddings and events all around the world.

We were asked by a friend the other day, what are your favourite thing to shoot? After going through in our mind the “categories” we list on our website, we finally got it. It’s emotions! Yes. We say our style is creative photojournalism. And photojournalism is all about people’s reaction and energy surrounding an event. Clearly, there is no better platform than weddings to manifest all multiple layers of emotions.

Here is the happily ever after story about Kim and Matt through our lens. At that moment, she became his wife. At that moment, they complete each other.

We were thrilled to be part of your wedding day. Thank you very much. We hope you enjoy your wedding photos.

vancouver photographer wedding

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