Four Kinds of People Remember Not To Eat Eggs

In a large number of protein-containing foods, eggs can be described as the highest nutritional value of protein, because the content and proportion of amino acids in eggs is closest to the body, and is the most easily digested and absorbed by the body. Eggs are rich in protein, fat, lecithin, while it is a good source that the human body needs vitamins A, D, E, K, B1, and B2. Therefore, the eggs for the people, it is cheap and good nutrition. However, how many grams of protein and cholesterol does an egg contain exactly and which people should not eat eggs?


First, the people have coronary heart disease, HLP, especially hypercholesterolemia. Such patients in daily dietary intake of cholesterol should be controlled at 200 mg or below, if the intake of cholesterol is too high, it can cause atherosclerosis. As the egg yolk are rich in cholesterol, so it is not suitable for patients with high cholesterol to eat egg yolks, but they can eat protein.


Second, for the people with renal dysfunction, such patients due to renal dysfunction, leading to accumulation of metabolites in vivo, there has been azotemia, even will develop into uremia. To protect against renal function continue to damage, they should adopt high-quality low-protein diet, that is, in a limited range of low-protein, allocated more than 60% high quality protein such as eggs, milk, meat (including poultry class), fish and so on.


Third, for the people with cirrhosis of the liver and elevated blood ammonia, because such patients with cirrhosis and cause liver cell damage, unable to clear the blood of toxic substances produced by metabolism, making the blood ammonia elevate, and even developing into hepatic coma. Thus, patients with cirrhosis of the liver and elevated blood ammonia should be minimized to eat meat, eggs, optional feeding class and some vegetable proteins (such as cereals, legumes and their products). However, the people that have been hepatic coma should be given to protein-free diet.


Fourth, for the people with protein allergy, such patients, because one-time intake of many protein foods such as meat, milk, eggs, etc., prone to protein allergy urticaria, diarrhea, abdominal pain, skin rash and so on. Therefore, these patients should avoid a one-time intake of a large number of protein-rich foods.


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