Four Kinds of Human Blood Are Easy to Get Which Disease Respectively

We all know that blood type is closely related to blood transfusion. However, blood type in addition to providing a basis of blood transfusion and receiving blood, the incidence of various diseases are not the same, such as the friends of Type have a higher incidence of cerebrovascular disease; the friends of AB type have a higher incidence of coronary heart disease. Here, give you about people with different blood type and some of the common blood diseases.


The friends of type A have strong patience, they usually rarely get stick, but with more affinity for cerebrovascular disease, especially cerebral infarction, it is the first in all kinds of blood. This is because the A-type blood for elevated blood viscosity has greater vulnerability, and increased blood viscosity is one of important risk factors for cerebral infarction. In migraine patients, A-type blood platelet adhesion rate is significantly higher than the control group. In addition, A-type blood people are more prone to stroke, cancer and other fatal diseases.


In addition to B-type blood people are susceptible to dental caries, the proportion of the risk of tuberculosis, oral cancer, breast cancer and leukemia is generally higher than people of other blood type. But in comparison, B-type blood people are most healthy among people. However, need to be reminded that B blood type of organ transplant rejection rate is 2 times higher than other blood of people, with disease-related mortality up to 28%, and 2 times than A-type blood, four times than O-type blood.


The friend of AB type’s risk to get schizophrenia is three times higher than in many other blood groups, and there is a clear genetic predisposition. In patients with ischemic heart disease, but also the AB-type are the most. However, the rate of tuberculosis and anemia in pregnancy is much lower than other blood type people. The possibility that AB blood type have been subjected to invasive cancer and stroke may be small, but they have a higher probability of suffering from coronary heart disease, and once the heart suffers severe symptoms, the proportion of occurrence of myocardial infarction is significantly higher. In addition, AB-type blood women are more susceptible to cervical cancer.


For O-type friend, the vitality is your greatest capital, the straightforward personality cause your exuberant metabolic. To learn to control your own hot character or you’ll be high-risk group for stroke. O-type people are susceptible to diseases, but have long life. They are most susceptible to hepatitis B, and serious condition. And they are susceptible to gastric ulcer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, gestosis and hemolytic disease of newborns, easy nervous, but they are the least to get cardiovascular disease.


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