Forms of Envelopes

If you have a passion in direct mailing marketing or you are one of those direct mail marketers, then you know that one of the most vital aspect in your direct mail marketing is having envelopes in which all your business marketing letters can be enclosed in. Every time you invest with these print materials, it is a must for you to know all the different kinds of these things so that you will have an idea or you can imagine how all your business marketing letters will appear as all your clients and customers in the business world opens them. Each and every type of these print materials has its own appeal to clients and customers and of course has its own usually uses as well. To further improve your know how about these things, below are lists of the usual envelope kinds. Depending on your direct mail marketing tool and especially theme, one of these ideas and tips on the kinds of folds for these print materials might help you in ensuring that not all your business marketing letters will be overlooked.

• Usual letter print envelopes – usual letter envelopes are considered as the workhouse of almost all direct mail business marketing campaigns in the business world. These things are your usual items that most of the times carry personal or business communication through the postal service. Designing a right layout for these things is easy and most of the printing companies in the business world usually support the printing of these things with great and full color designs and even on special paper materials. the usual envelope kind that is most of the time used by most people are the number nine, and number ten envelopes with measurement 3 7/8 by 8 7/8 inches and the 4 1/8 by 9 ½ inches. Both of those are longer items, that are best for a few pages of letters with a business marketing message on it. And of course, these things have large area that is very useful to fit special envelope design that you want. There are also tinier things that you can utilize as well. These are the A6 and the A7 types with the measurement of 4 ¾ by 6 ½ inches and the 5 ¼ by 7 ¼ inches. These types are utilized for shorter business communication and business marketing massages.

• The baronial form
– this sort of custom envelopes are considered as individual types that is well matched for invitations, greeting cards and all other proper business announcements and communication. Most of the straight mail businesses marketers in the business world usually desist from sending these kinds of things since this type are not best suited to some postal services and machineries. However, this kind usually carry a unique importance unto their own that usually makes clients and customers want to open the message inside them. Since the character of this type most of the time portrays it as a bringer of great news, a business marketing mail can exploit that character to its benefit and advantage. The common size of this type that can be mailed is the 4.375 by 5.75 inches. Some of these kinds can be too small however for mailing purpose.

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