Ford C Max- When Space Matters

How often have you been compelled to think of buying a new car that is just as much spacious as a standard SUV minus its terrible thirst for fuel? Well, quite often, we believe. What with an expanding family or a relative coming over for a semi-permanent stay or simply because you’ve got that huge Great Dane that’s got a penchant for some drive around, a bigger car becomes a necessity for many of us. However, bigger comes at the cost of gas consumption that naturally shoots up if you’re considering a truck, an SUV or even a crossover. This is where a Ford C Max comes into the picture.

If you’ve been on a lookout for a bigger car, I’m sure, this one must have crossed your mind. However, if you are new to cars, you must know that the Ford C Max is an MPV or a multi-purpose vehicle, also called a minivan in the US. Generally, these cars come in 5 and 7 seater variants and offer much better flexibility when compared to other classes of big cars. Imagine driving an SUV and trying to squeeze into that already-packed parking lot. Something just short of impossible without hitting a dent on other cars! But, with an MPV, parking cars just got smoother since it’s not just smaller than a standard SUV but has a nimble handling that lets you fit into limited spaces without much trouble. However, smaller does not necessarily mean less spacious and the Ford C Max shows you how. This 5-seat car has plenty of legroom as well as headroom, thanks to its long body style and with a large and well-shaped boot, it’s little wonder why it would be your perfect vehicle for that weekend trip with your family or a some shopping.

When it comes to reliability, these cars stand true to the name of “Ford” and hence, you can expect the Ford C Max to be a good car, both, from the point of performance as well as from the point of durability. This is why, you’ll find most of the Dixon auto dealers recommending this car for small to moderate-sized families. All you have to remember is that you must always get original parts and spares for your Ford from authorized auto dealers and take them to approved service centers, in the event of an breakdown. This will definitely stretch the life of your car by a good few years!

And, if you are someone who prefers green living, you might very well opt for the C Max Energi that uses alternative energy sources instead of conventional fuel. This car has received the Green Car Vision Award at the Washington Auto Show, so you would make a wise decision to own this one. However, these minivans are not just limited to someone looking to accommodate a big family but it can be used as a lighter substitute for an SUV as well. Though not as rugged as the former and with not very appreciable off-road capabilities, minivans can serve as good vehicles for long drives with your bunch.

So, when upgrading your car this season, keep an eye on the Ford minivan to experience nothing but a simple good car with lots of space.

About the Author: Nick Pruett is associated with successful Dixon auto dealers offering Ford Edge Sport, Ford Escape, Ford C-Max Sacramento etc. He is very fond of cars. In this article he is providing information about Ford C-Max, so keep reading if you are also interested in automobiles.

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