Fluoride Toothpaste Is Not Applicable For Everyone

In every morning and evening, we usually brush our teeth to protect dental health. We inevitably use toothpaste when brushing. But there are wide ranges of toothpaste on the market, which is the best for your own? Allow me to share with you the knowledge on the use of toothpaste to help you protect your gums to be healthy.

We all know that fluoride toothpaste has anti-caries effect. Besides, fluoride is by far the most effective anti-caries ingredients, fluorine not only reduces the solubility of enamel and promote the remineralization of the enamel, also can inhibit the propagation of cariogenic bacteria and acid production, because of these two reasons, the current market toothpaste will contain fluoride.

Since fluoride toothpaste is so good, whether everyone is suitable to use it? Not the case. What kind of toothpaste to use need to rely on the areas of water is high fluoride areas or low-fluoride area, and it would not recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste in high fluoride areas in the crowd, excessive fluoride can cause dental fluorosis and fluoride bone, fluoride dental makes teeth yellow black and even become bumpy. Though we have no doubt fluoride anti-caries effect, but fluorine is a double-edged sword, only to control the dosage in order to better protect the teeth.

In addition to the population of the high fluoride areas are not suitable for the use of fluoride toothpaste, children before the age of 6 using fluoride toothpaste must be carried out under parental guidance. The ability preschool children to distinguish is poor, especially those brightly colored sweet taste of toothpaste is swallowed with high probability, according to the survey, it is said to be 50 to 80%, this will lead to fluoride deposition in children in vivo, thus affecting the health of children.

For the young children of 3-6 years this time, every time the amount of toothpaste is soy size, and must be under the guidance of the parents. And before the age of three infants and young children should not use fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth, but this time is the learn to imitate the most important period of time, you can teach children how to brush their teeth to cultivate the habit of brushing teeth, and lay the foundation for the future protection of the teeth.

Oral hygiene is very important, but our health is more important. Therefore, in order for our health, we should focus on brushing teeth.

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