flat: Definition, Synonyms from Answers com flat adj , flatter , flattest. Having a smooth, even, level surface: a skirt sewed with fine flat seams.Having a relatively broad surface in relation to thickness or depth: a flat board.Free of qualification; absolute: a flat refusal.Lacking interest or excitement; dull: a flat scenario.Lacking in flavor: a flat stew that needs salt.Having lost effervescence or sparkle: flat beer.A flat electroencephalogram indicates a loss of brain function.Commercially inactive; sluggish: flat sales for the month.Unmodulated; monotonous: a flat voice.Lacking variety in tint or shading; uniform: “The sky was bright but flat , the color of oyster shells” Anne Tyler .Being one half step lower than the corresponding natural key: the key of B flat.On or up against a flat surface; at full length.Directly; completely: went flat against the rules; flat broke.Exactly; precisely: arrived in six minutes flat.Fowler’s Modern English Usage: flat , flatly.English Usage The dominant adverbial form flatly is always used figuratively with words of denial and rejection such as contradict , deny , oppose , refuse , and reject.Flat is used in fixed expressions such as flat broke and turn something down flat , and to mean ‘exactly and no more’ as in two minutes flat.

Flat is only semi-adverbial, and mainly adjectival, in uses such as.The ladder was standing flat against the wall.Next: flatways, flatwise , flaunt, flout , flautist, flutist.See flat file and flat address space.See big/small/amount , limited/unlimited In a direct, positive manner: emphatically , flatly , positively.American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms: flat.Idioms Idioms beginning with flat : flat -footed flat broke flatter oneself.See also caught flat -footed ; fall flat ; in no time nothing flat ; leave flat.A double flat , notated as two flats together, indicates that the note is to be lowered by two semitones.McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Architecture & Construction: flat.Next: flat -foot , flat -head , flat -top.Random House Word Menu: categories related to ‘ flat ‘.For a list of words related to flat , see:.Plains and Marshes – flat : expanse of level land.Types of Buildings – flat : apartment built on one floor of building.Harmony, Melody, and Structure – flat : lowering of note’s pitch one chromatic half step from natural.Stagecraft, Production, and Dramatic Structure – flat : theatrical unit covered in muslin or lawn used as walls.Surfing Practice, Tools, and Techniques – flat : rooting box for cuttings or seeds.Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary: flat.

Flat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Look up flat in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Flat , or flatness , describes an object or condition that is very smooth or level.Flat or flats may also refer to: edit .Places Flat , a residential house or apartment.Flat Brook , tributary of the Delaware River in Sussex County, New Jersey.Flat Island , Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China.Flat River North Carolina , a river in Southern Person County, North Carolina.Flats, West Virginia , an unincorporated community in Hardy County, West Virginia, USA “The.Flat “, local name for South Dunedin , New Zealand.The Flats , Cleveland, Ohio, United States edit .Flats comics , the first stage in the comic coloring process.Flats theatre , flat pieces of theatrical scenery.Footwear Flats, footwear which is not high-heeled.Racing flats , lightweight shoes used primarily for running a race.Ballet slippers are often referred to as ‘flats’ or ‘ flat shoes’, as opposed to the.Mathematics and geometry Flat geometry , the generalization of lines and planes in an n -dimensional Euclidean space.Flat matroids , a further generalization of flats from linear algebra to the context of matroids.For use of flat sign in mathematics, see musical isomorphism – mapping vectors to covectors.Flat module in abstract algebra edit .Transportation Flat , a deflated pneumatic tire.Flat car , an open container on wheels designed to carry heavy loads.Flat spot , a fault in the shape of a railroad wheel edit .

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