Five Precursory Cases Need To Place the Tires

Like people to walk a long time leading to foot pain, automobile tire wear will also have the driving process. This is not due to poor driving habits, and there may be some such factors, but not exclusively, but it is an unalterable fact of life. Tire is always aging and worn, and tire damage could make you encounter unimaginable trouble in the driving process, such as it will cause the car to get out of control or to throw you in the wilderness and cannot go home.


In the following, there are five precursory cases that you need to place the tires. First, the depth of tire lines must not be less than 1.6 mm. If you frequently drive on smooth, wet road, the tire situation should be relatively good. If you want to exactly measure the depth of tire lines, you may like a profession to buy a professional meter measuring, in addition to taking one coin insert vertically into the lines, if you cannot easily embedded coins into the lines, it proves that the depth is not enough deep, and you should drive it to the repair shop, you should change a new set of tires.


Second, the new tires are often lighter than the old tires, their tire pressure coming from their own. These pressures can produce stripes, but you almost do not see them when they are new, only after the tire wear we can see them. These shallow rubbers in the vertical direction of ring lines, if a tire can be seen as many as one or two lines, the surface of the tire has been low. The stripes, especially across the muddy road, will be more apparent. As mentioned earlier, if you see such a pressure stripes on the tire, it is best to use the coin to test the depth of the tire lines.


Not all tire problems are reflected in the tread, which can also reflect on the sidewall of the tire. Fortunately, it is the problem of the sidewall; we can easily observe with the naked eye. Check the sidewalls, if the tire lines can be seen with the naked eye, the wear close to burst can be seen with the naked eye. This problem must be avoided if the cracks on the sidewall look very serious, and then there is the need to repair plant as soon as replacement tires.


Sometimes the surface of the tire is very fragile and may be either raised or cause bubble. If you have not sent the car to repair shop, the shortcomings are enough to cause the entire tire suddenly burst. Once this happens in a moving highway, you may experience life-threatening and therefore are admitted to hospital. Therefore, pay close attention to tire bulge and bubble phenomena. At last, if your car shakes immediately in the not bumpy road, you should check your car in repair factory. Vibration frequent often is a harbinger of car problems.


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