Five Bedroom Furnishings Will Affect Our Health


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Many people like to dress up the bedroom, like to move the fish tanks into the bedroom, and make the green plants into small decorative, but also some girls with the state of child like to put a doll besides the pillow. However, we have one third of the time every day spent in the bedroom, so the furnishings of the bedroom has particularly large effect on the health. So for the layout of the bedroom, in particular, we cannot be sloppy. The experts have warned that whether the renovation or decoration, bedroom layout is only one principle: simple is best. The following five settings are best to be avoided.



First, put TV or computer in the bedroom. When TV, and computer, or other appliances work, the generated electromagnetic waves by a certain extent, will interfere with people’s sleep, and affect our health. In addition, in Italy, a survey shows that TV in the bedroom will also affect the married life, and make the couple’s sex life by half, but those couple who do not watch TV, their exchange will be more, and each of the verbal communication can reach 15 minutes.


Second, install the bathroom in the bedroom. Recently, in many large-type designs, the master bedroom usually carries a bathroom, which is suitable for large families. But the smell and wet of the bathroom is inevitable. So the moisture of the bathroom will enter into the bedroom inevitably, and the bedroom absorbs the moisture, which will make us uncomfortable, and even make us suffer from eczema, dermatitis or other fungi disease. So you are best to design the bathroom with a window, and you had better install exhaust fans to prevent moisture.


Third, bedroom is filled with green plants. Green plants can purify the air and increase the oxygen content, and can relieve tension; so many people move them into the bedroom. However, when the lack of light at night, green plants will breathe oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. There are more green plants in the bedroom, the more carbon dioxide exhale, in addition, some people close the window when they sleep, indoor air does not circulate, which will make people in a hypoxic for a long time, resulting in persistent fatigue.


Fourth, there is aquarium in the bedroom. It is best not to raise fish in the bedroom, because aquarium will emit a lot of water vapor, which will make the indoor humidity increase, and easy to breed mold, leading to biological contamination; besides, the air pump will cause generate noise, so that affect our sleep. Fifth, put dolls besides pillow. The poor quality of the plush toys will not only lose hair, and the material may also be black cotton, which is likely to contain a large number of bacteria and can cause respiratory and skin infections, affecting our health.



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