Finding ways to Increase Subscriber Numbers to an RSS Feed

It’s very possible to come up with a multitude of ways to increase subscriber numbers to your blog, but you may want to think a little outside the square for ways to leverage your readers into becoming RSS feed subscribers. This article will discuss some ways to help you increase your RSS feed subscriber numbers.

Get Friends to Recommend Your Blog and RSS Feed: Everybody knows that testimonials are great in terms of getting people to take action but referrals work even better. It’s the truth: getting your friends to recommend the RSS feed for your blog to their own readers and subscribers will get you a far better response because you’ll be leveraging a relationship that is already trusting. You’ll find that by taking the help your friends in this area, you’ll slowly and steadily add more consistent subscribers to your feed without putting any external effort.

Recommendations always work well because there is a comfort factor that gets people in. Don’t Be Excessive: While updating your blog with many posts per day or per week is recommended, you shouldn’t go overboard Your approach on balancing how often you offer new and useful content to your readers needs your attention so that you don’t overwhelm them with content. You may see your readers hitting the unsubscribe button if there are so many updates that they feel unable to keep up and overwhelmed by your blog. Focus on gaining new subscribers is important, but just as important is the attention that needs to be paid to current subscribers so that you don’t end up losing them and decreasing your subscriber numbers. The only exception to this rule are blogs that are focused on fast paced niches that are required to update frequently. You will get better results if you adhere to a certain amount of posts per day or week.

Minimal Steps: Keep the process to subscribe to your blog short and simple, because having to go through too many steps is annoying to most people. Try to understand things from your readers perspective. Don’t make them go through a number of steps or visit a whole new page just to subscribe to your blog’s feed. Making the process simple and easy to get through is something you should work to achieve.

The above tips aren’t rocket science and anyone with the right knowledge can apply them and see results in the increasing amount of RSS feed subscribers to their blog.

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