Finding Markets Where You Can Compete for Free Traffic to Your Website

To succeed, or even survive in online marketing you must be competitive. Make sense? In the next few paragraphs I can tell most new internet marketers more than I knew for the first year, and share facts that will be more valuable than months of online research and reading. It’s all about competition, and avoiding the overwhelming odds of competing against the big dogs.

If you are competing against the internet giants with tons of advertising dollars and SEO experts on their side do you think you have a chance? Many internet marketers start in IM with websites promoting mainstream products which are sold by thousands of online retailers, as well as offline stores. Some examples would be cameras, software, insurance, women’s clothing, and so on. Maybe you have tried products through an affiliate marketing program. I also did this when first starting out a few years ago. I had no idea why I wasn’t getting hundreds of visitors to my websites each day, or even each month. According to Google there were millions of searches for these products, all I wanted was a fraction of those searches, but the traffic never came. Then I started paying for traffic through text ads. Have you tried this also? What were your results? The few visitors I did get, and paid for, were not buying.

So, what are we missing here? In my case it was education. Affiliate marketing is fine, I make a good living from it. Promoting products on Amazon or EBay is also good, and many people are very successful doing this. Success is not all about the product you choose, although product selection is one of the two most important considerations you need to make. What’s the other? You must size up your competition for your proposed market, and the competition for the keywords you plan to use.

Keywords are the building blocks of free search traffic. Without them your site is doomed to be in cobwebs! You already know that someone searching for a product or service is going to type into a search engine what they feel are relevant words that will help them locate a solution to their need. You on the other hand, need to research and know ahead of time what words or phrases will target the people you want visiting your site. Numbers are good, but you also want targeted visitors who are looking for a solution and are willing to spend their hard earned cash on the solution you have to offer.

Now I would like to tie these two items of product competition and keyword competition together. You can actually see them as one in the same. You must find keywords with manageable competition for products in underleveraged markets. How do you do this? Well, this gets involved, but not difficult if you simply try to understand the concept of not going head to head against competition that you cannot win against. There are ways to find markets where you can compete. I do it all the time, and successfully so. Not get rich quick, just a small income from one site, and more from another, and another.

The most difficult part is knowing where to start. I give some tips on my website referenced below that will help get you started. I think you will find the concepts simple and you may even have a “WOW” moment. I personally worked my fingers off to the point of frustration never thinking about the fact that others (millions actually) had the markets locked for many of the mainstream retail products. Competing against them was emptying my bank account trying to buy traffic and improve on-site SEO. I just had to quit competing, it was that simple!

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